Before I post an SMS post that combines my love of Youth Ministry and the joy of March Madness, I thought I’d buy myself a little time by doing a “What Am I Thinking” (W.A.I.T.) Contest.

Here’s what you do:

  1. study the picture
  2. think of something funny to say, a caption, title or tag line
  3. enter the contest by commenting on this post with your said caption, title or tag line.

Here’s what I’ll do.

  1. read the entries
  2. laugh at some
  3. create an “in the running” from those that I laughed at
  4. pick a winner.

The winner will receive the “just in stock” summer 2011 YMV shirt from Youthmark.

No worries if your comment doesn’t go through right away, I need to approve of yours if you haven’t submitted a comment before or in some time.

Have fun with the “baseball” edition of the W.A.I.T.!


********* IN THE RUNNING **********

“I saw Benny Hinn do this once… come out!” ~Ben Potloff

“A train leaves Los Angeles at 5:00pm going North at 100 mph while a center fielder leaves his position at 7:05pm going south at 15 mph. What time will they meet?” ~Ray Hausler

“I saw my life flash before my eyes, so I bowed my head to pray…Jesus take the wheel!” ~Carrie Underwood Heather

“Man, I can’t catch anything: a ball, a break, or a train!” ~Mark

************** “WINNING” ****************

Congrats to Ray, loved it. There were several great ones, even some non-in-the-running that made me laugh and almost put in there. Ray, fb or email me your address and shirt size and we’ll mail you your prize!

(CONTEST) W.A.I.T: Costa Rica Road Rules

The driving in Costa Rica is not quite as bad as India, but there were a number of times I wondered if I wasn’t going to be enjoying the discomfort of a Costa Rican hospital.  To make matters worse, we encountered the following picture a number of times.  So rather than getting angry about it, I thought I’d just shoot a picture of it and then let you all make up some fun “What Am I Thinking” quotes.

Circumstance: We were driving down a fairly steep grade and passed two guys on their bikes, both looking down at their cell phones, I was able to grab my iPhone, get it to photo and stick my hand out the window and shoot as quickly as possible, the hombre looked up just as I shot the pic.

Give me your thought, caption or comment.  I’ll narrow down the list to those “in the running” and then crown a Costa Rica WAIT King or Queen.  The winner gets a souvenir from Costa Rica.

No worries if your comment doesn’t post right away, I will need to approve you if you haven’t commented in some time or never at all.


***************** In The Running ******************

tech support says left hand on bar as well ??? ~Aaron

Oye, por lo menos estoy texteando en bici, no en el coche como ese gringo loquito! ~Calia

Who says men cannot multitask? Peddling, Steering, Texting and Posing for the Camera. ~Dusty Buchmann

Listen, at least I’m texting on a bike, not in a car like that crazy gringo. ~ That Guy

**************** The Winner ***************

Way to go “That Guy”… that one just cracked me up.  Sure wish I could understand Spanish, because Calia would have possibly won!

CONTEST: Last WAIT of 2010

What Am I Thinking?  Have some fun with this one, most likely at my expense.  My wife says it is a good glimpse at our lives, however, I did stage it.

Give us some comments (a caption for the picture if you will).  I’ll pick some of the best ones and put them “In the Running”

Eventually I’ll name a winner and that winner gets a sweet prize; a 2010 (since it is still 2010) YMV T-shirt.

And just to double your chances, you can add a comment for this one instead (indicate first or second pic if you want to make sure I know which one the comment is for).

Have fun!


******************* IN THE RUNNING **********************

{TOP}Audrey: “Daddy, why do you stare at your phone for so long. I want you to read this story to me”
Brian: “sorry audrey, it’s this lame coverage from At&t. There is nothing I can do about it. Can you ask your sister to read it to you”
Halle: “Daddy, I read that story like 50 times when I was 2 years old, I don’t want to read it. Just be patient Audrey, in a few weeks daddy will be able to switch his iphone over to verizon, it will be much faster and daddy won’t have to stare at his phone, waiting, for so long.”
Will: “It’s about time. I’m tired of my calls getting dropped.” ~ Wescott

{TOP}sadly, despite three willing teachers, Brian has yet to learn to read. Maybe #4 will do the trick?? ~ Calia

{TOP} “One book, no book, three books, four books.” ~Jan

{TOP} Will – “I can’t read, what good is this book without Byron here to read it to me?” ~Bryon

{TOP} Two ladies reading and learning. Two boys posing and pretending. ~Nathan S.

{BOTTOM} You smell like beef and cheese ~Parker

***************** The Winner ********************

It was almost too long, but it did make me laugh the most, just too many truths being spoken in it.  Way to go Wescott, you win.  Thanks to all who participated, all of them could have been in the running this time!

Happy New Year everyone!

CONTEST: W.A.I.T. is that Santa?

Here ya go, a Christmas photo in need of your thoughts!  Our “W.A.I.T.” (What Am I Thinking) contest gives you the opportunity to provide a caption for the photo of choice.  Over the next couple days we’ll take your captions (through the comments).  I’ll give you my favorites in the “In The Running” section and then crown our holiday winner.  When you submit your comment it may/may not post right away, I may have to “approve” first, so no worries, it’ll come through.

The winner gets a fantastic White Elephant Gift!

Have fun with this one!

What Am I Thinking?


**************** IN THE RUNNING *******************

How much coal will I get if I steal Santa’s wallet? ~Brad

“So when did Santa start riding on a broomstick?” ~Jan A.

I respect a man that knows when to hand over the keys. ~Terry

Great, now what do we tell Virginia? ~Ralphie

Egg nog was a bad choice… ~Parker

Jack Bauer has been here… ~Sarah H.

“No wonder Santa never brought me what I wanted…lush!” ~Nathan S.

Christmas with The Crank~ Nathan Bryce

********************* The Winner *********************

Some VERY solid entries, probably the best ones yet.  Shout out to Parker and Ralphie, almost went with those; however, I miss Jack… so Sarah H., thanks for reminding us that Jack is still on the run and that he’s taken out another poser!  A white elephant gift is on its way!

600 Club!

Blog post #600!

A lot has happened in the last 2 and half years, I am happy to say that a lot of my life (and Youthmark’s life) has been recorded in this online journal format.

Just a fun little survey to find out what you like best about the blog… So, if there is anything you’re particularly fond of, pick it (multiple selections are possible).

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you continue to stop by! Here’s to the next 600 posts.


CONTEST: (W.A.I.T.) Super-something?

In honor of grabbing a coffee on Tuesday morning with Mark Oestreicher (aka “Marko”), I have decided to post a contest over the weekend.  Marko had a blog when he was the President of Youth Specialties entitled, “”  Since leaving Youth Specialties he has changed his blog to  Anyway, his photo in need of a caption contest is where I stole got the idea to do my What Am I Thinking (W.A.I.T.) contest.

So, think of what these folks may be thinking.  Post your comments and see if you make it into the running.  I’ll post a winner after the weekend.

If you’re comment doesn’t appear right away, no worries, I’ll approve it the next time on sign-on.

The winner gets a Youthmark t-shirt.

Let’s see what you think of this one…



**************** IN THE RUNNING ****************

Spiderman and Mary Jane, getting ready for the 30-year high school reunion. ~ Carlos H

“Does the costume make your butt look big? Ummmm, no.” ~the wifey

“You traded your comic book collection for THAT?”  ~ AJS

“Wonder twin powers: activate! Form of . . . . our parents??” ~ the wifey

So I’m a bit out of shape… Even superheroes have to take furlough days now. ~Brad

‘C’mon, honey. You’d look GREAT in that Wonder Woman outfit I saw yesterday.’ ~uknowho

*****************The Winner*******************

Congrats to “the wifey!” From the second I read this, I had a feeling it would land #1.  Great stuff, what a witty individual she must be.  Go grab your t-shirt from the stash!

“Wonder twin powers: activate! Form of . . . . our parents??” ~ the wifey


It’s been a long time since I ran a contest.  Here’s the scoop, if you personally know this dude, you can’t guess (cuz I know a few people who have met him).

Here is semi-random shot of this celebrity from the early 2000’s… any guesses on who it is?

If you’re the first to get it right (and have never even met him) then you will win yourself a Youthmark T-shirt (a whopping $8-$10 value)!

Guess away.


CONTEST: W.A.I.T.: Audrey Edition

I was away speaking at camp and Elisabeth caught this picture of our daughter, Audrey.

Real story, she was eating peas fresh from Grandpa’s garden and Elisabeth saw a  great picture opportunity.

I see it as a wonderful “What Am I Thinking” photo caption contest.

So, now it is up to you to come up with the right thought/title, etc. for this photo.  I’ll post those who are “In the Running” in a day or so and then crown the winner (who will receive a 2010 YMV T-shirt).

Have fun, just remember, she is my daughter, so don’t make me angry! Ha.

What was she thinking?


*********In The Running********

“….there’s a WHAT????!!!!!!!!” ~Francisco Santana

“Can I eat it?” ~Thomas Buckley

*choke* um that one wasnt a pea!!! ~Rhino Spencer

I hope my dad gives the t-shirt to Carlos!!! ~Carlos

Audrey Hears A Who! ~Kate West

You can pick your friends
You can pick your nose
But you can’t pick your friend’s nose ~Jason

“Hi Tinkerbell!” ~Jeramy (mainly because he complained that he wasn’t in the running)

“After watching Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ I’ve decided to help the environment by being green–even in the little things.” ~Joe Poppino

************* The Winner Is **************

“….there’s a WHAT????!!!!!!!!” ~Francisco Santana

Just quite simple… and to me, made me laugh out loud right away.  Good job Frankie.  A 2010 YMV t-shirt is yours for the keeping.

The New Look!

Welcome to the new look for! (still under construction over the weekend)

As I stated last week, I am a fan of change, therefore this may happen from time to time.  What does the new look mean?  Well, beside a makeover, it means some new content as well.  The categories will expand a little bit as I am planning on implementing a few new ones.  For instance, I am going to add a category for those of you serving in Youth Ministry.  Sort of a Student Ministry editorial piece of sorts.  One might see it as an opinion, whereas others may see it as a written advice section.

What stays?: Contests will still take place from time to time… in fact I’ll try to do a contest at least once every two weeks.  I’ll keep posting stuff about my family.  I’ll continue posting Youthmark related stuff, however, I’ll also do other Youthmark blogging here.

What goes?: Just the old picture.

What changes?: Top 5 Tuesday is going to be changed at least for the time-being to Top Three Thursday.

What’s been added?: I plan on adding some more links, the Student Ministry editorial and perhaps a few other categories. In addition, I’d like to enhance the “Faith Foundations” category by doing these more often. I feel we learn so much from one another when we share about the things we do to pursue Jesus.

That’s it for now… I hope you enjoy the new look!



CONTEST: W.A.I.T. Headshot

In honor of a very busy season and giving myself a couple additional days of not generating content for the ol’ blog, I thought I’d throw this gem out there.  This is a picture of a friend (a volunteer youth leader) from a local church.  I thought it’d make for a great “What Am I Thinking.”

So, you come up with the caption for this… well, this face?

Submit by adding a comment.  If it doesn’t appear right away, no worries, it’ll show up when I see it.

If yours causes a great chuckle, I’ll add you to those “in the running.”  The winner, at the end of the weekend will receive a free Youthmark T-shirt.

Have fun.  Be creative and makes Chuck’s head have some good thoughts!

I’ll get back to my regular blogging after the weekend!



**********In The Running***********

“Darn plastic surgeon!” (Face in picture being what’s left of poor Heidi Montag) ~Joe Poppino

“This is my ticket to Hollywood, American Idol cant resist this side of me” ~Rhino

Beauty is just a light switch away… ~Micah Englehart

You take your nose for granted until you don’t have it anymore.  You know how many times these stupid things fall off my face a day? ~Mike

Mom was right . . . it was all fun and games until someone poked his eyes out. ~the wifey

“Succeeding where so many have fallen short, Justin Bieber literally “rock’s fan’s face off!” ~Buck

********** The Winner ***********

Joe!  Had to Google this Heidi Montag girl, but the “Darn Plastic Surgery” got me right off the top!  Since Joe already has the shirts, I’ll wait to give him the new Mission Shirt when they are released.  Great job Joe!