CONTEST: W.A.I.T. is that Santa?

Here ya go, a Christmas photo in need of your thoughts!  Our “W.A.I.T.” (What Am I Thinking) contest gives you the opportunity to provide a caption for the photo of choice.  Over the next couple days we’ll take your captions (through the comments).  I’ll give you my favorites in the “In The Running” section and then crown our holiday winner.  When you submit your comment it may/may not post right away, I may have to “approve” first, so no worries, it’ll come through.

The winner gets a fantastic White Elephant Gift!

Have fun with this one!

What Am I Thinking?


**************** IN THE RUNNING *******************

How much coal will I get if I steal Santa’s wallet? ~Brad

“So when did Santa start riding on a broomstick?” ~Jan A.

I respect a man that knows when to hand over the keys. ~Terry

Great, now what do we tell Virginia? ~Ralphie

Egg nog was a bad choice… ~Parker

Jack Bauer has been here… ~Sarah H.

“No wonder Santa never brought me what I wanted…lush!” ~Nathan S.

Christmas with The Crank~ Nathan Bryce

********************* The Winner *********************

Some VERY solid entries, probably the best ones yet.  Shout out to Parker and Ralphie, almost went with those; however, I miss Jack… so Sarah H., thanks for reminding us that Jack is still on the run and that he’s taken out another poser!  A white elephant gift is on its way!


19 thoughts on “CONTEST: W.A.I.T. is that Santa?

  1. “Wow…. That’s the third passed out Santa I’ve seen today… They need to be payin’ these guys better…”

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