CONTEST: What Am I Thinking? Farmland

This one I found scrolling through Facebook! My friend Geno, from Youth Missions International (a partner of Youthmark) has this as his profile pic. Classic.

WAIT (what am I thinking) is essentially a Caption Contest. You comment with your best thought and then I give you the finalists in a couple days. I haven’t done one in quite-awhile, so if you comment and it doesn’t post right away it’s simply that I need to approve them.

Have fun with this one, I’ll give a Youthmark T-shirt or book to the winner, your choice.


Let the comments begin…



In The Running (updated throughout weekend):

Low participation, but some funny stuff (I think I am suffering from low content = low readership):

“Jokes on you, there’s no contest.” – Jan A.  (this is so funny, seeing as how it was a few weeks for me to list these)

He falls for that “grass is greener” thing every time. – the wifey

I think the GPS was wrong. Hang on, I’m re-cow-lculating. – a little bit

Games two barnyard animals can’t play: Red Rover. – skinnyvanillalatte

Winner (To be announced after weekend):

She’s won it a few times, and you may say I am biased, but I just think she is brilliant!

He falls for that “grass is greener” thing every time. – the wifey


(CONTEST) Aaby Christmas Letter Aab-Lib!

For all who have done Mad-Libs, be prepared for the Aab-Libs!

Be warned, this may take 5-10 minutes, but hey, it’s Christmas break, you have the time! These usually produce some hilarity, so let’s see what happens as you help us form our Christmas letter made specifically for you!

Four Quick Instructions.

  • You’ll need to have a piece of paper or an open word document.
  • Go through the numbered list below and give your creative words for each specific word-type (just like Mad-Libs).
  • Copy the story below and add your words that correspond with the numbers in the story (obviously, erase the numbers).
  • Insert this as a “comment” and it’ll post.  Be patient if it doesn’t post as a comment right away, in some cases I’ll need to approve you as a commenter.

After some time I’ll list those that cracked me up the most and then pick a winner based off those.  The winner gets a great White-Elephant gift to give away next year.

DO NOT READ THE STORY FIRST!!! Fill in these words first (note: it is usually obvious to read the ones that people read ahead first).

  1. Exclamation
  2. A holiday
  3. Something eatable
  4. Liquid
  5. Verb
  6. Name
  7. Number
  8. Name
  9. Something That Makes Noise
  10. A Sport
  11. Noun
  12. Body Part
  13. Name
  14. Activity
  15. Food
  16. Mode of Transportation
  17. Something women talk about
  18. Geographical Location
  19. City, State or Country
  20. Emotion ending with “ness”

************* Now Here is the Christmas Letter **************


(1)! What a year! Our hope is that this letter will only serve as an invitation to stay in touch all the more in 2013! Perhaps you’d like to come to our (2) party? Feel free to bring some (3) and (4) to drink!

So that we don’t actually have to (5) at the party, let me bring you up to speed on our 2012. Our oldest daughter (6), is now (7) years old, she is two years older than our second daughter (8), who really loves to play the (9). We enrolled the girls in (10) classes this year. We are constantly reminding them to not practice in the (11) as it scuffs up the walls. Man, that is not a sport for me, if I were to try it I’d probably strain my (12).

Our son, (13), loves his family, (14) and (15)! He is a quick-learner and pretty coordinated. At some point in 2013 I am sure he’ll be riding his (16) without training-wheels!

Elisabeth and I are doing well! From time to time Elisabeth gets to speak to women at churches about what the Bible says about (17). My organization, Youthmark is doing well and I’ve gotten to travel all the way from (18) to (19) this last year!

I hope 2013 brings you much (20)!

The Aabys


Have fun!


******In the Running ******

*I chose to pick my favorite lines from the Aab-Libs to be in the Running…

“Our son, Tinker Bell, loves his family, driving and panang curry!” AlonAlon

“Elisabeth gets to speak to women at churches about what the Bible says about Brian Aaby.” AlonAlon

“Feel free to bring some strawberries and hand sanitizer to drink!” Will

“I am sure he’ll be riding his time-machine without training-wheels!” Will

“Elisabeth gets to speak to women at churches about what the Bible says about nail polish.” Audrey

“Feel free to bring some moldy cheese and toilet water to drink!” Halle

“Holy buckets!” mrsmommyaaby

“Our son, Lars, loves his family, antiquing and hummus!… I am sure he’ll be riding his zip line without training-wheels!” mrsmommyaaby

“I hope 2013 brings you much compulsiveness!” mrsmommyaaby

“Feel free to bring some fudge and paint to drink!” lessonsfromlizzie

“From time to time Elisabeth gets to speak to women at churches about what the Bible says about feminism.” lessonsfromlizzie

*****The Winner*****

I loved them all, but I have to say the line that caught me off-guard the most and made me laugh the most was Alon’s line about Elisabeth teaching about what the Bible says about me! Way to go Alon, you get a white-elephant gift for Christmas 2013, I’ll bring it down to you on my next SoCal trip!




(CONTEST) WAIT: School Picture

Yay, another “What Am I Thinking” Photo Contest!

First, we have a pretty legitimate prize, the winner of this one gets a free first edition Imprint The Planet t-shirt. These are fantastic shirts and will play a part in this amazing movement we think God will use for his cause!

Okay, so essentially this contest is a photo-caption competition. You come up with a quote, title, caption, etc. and submit it as a comment (on the blog) and then after a day or two I’ll start the “in the running” section. I’ll name the winner sometime after the weekend!

In honor of the beginning of the school year, I had to go with this great picture!

Have fun!


*********In The Running*********

“I had to leave room for Snuffleupagus.” -Marc

“The first day I realized what deodorant was for.” -patloonytoon

“I’m a loner dotty, a rebel.” -mikegaines

“I now understand why I should shower after morning hockey practice.” -Joseph Cimaomo

“It wasn’t me!” -markmoder

“Another perk of homeschooling.” -Jan A.

“As part of the 1% club, I choose not to “occupy” my class photo.” -Wescott

********The Winner********

With the walk-off homer in the bottom of the 9th, Wescott (or Wecott?) wins with the 1%/Occupy comment! Wes, your shirt shall be delivered soon! Congrats!

(CONTEST) Best Title Receives A Post

The to-do list got a little long this week. Twice I sat down and began going through a separate list of possible blog posts to write and even started writing two of them, but instead of a single post, they became a couple series… these will take me a few days to flesh out, so over the weekend I decided to test the waters and see if we may be able to do a second contest in a  row. Sometimes the spark is all I need!

Welcome to the “Best Title” Contest.

You have one-to-seven words to create a blogpost title. That title should be intriguing enough that I know EXACTLY where I want to go with the post. The “winner” will receive credit for the title and then the honors of a huge-shout-out for giving me the idea for the post.

I prefer for the subject matter to be Student Ministry related (students, leadership, events, training, soul care, missions, etc.), but you can be creative (and make me reach a bit to tie it in to Youth Ministry).

So, any suggestions out there?… The good news: If you’re the only one to suggest one, you win! Let the contest begin!


(CONTEST): W.A.I.T. –Drive Thru Edition

The ever-popular “What Am I Thinking” (WAIT) Contest is back!

With this contest the prize is brighter than ever! If you are the winner, you receive a free 2012 Youthmark Mission Venture (bright orange) T-shirt. The VERY shirt worn by hundreds of teens and leaders this spring and summer!

WAIT is essentially a Caption Contest. Come up with a caption that best describes the picture below. Feel free to make it a title, a caption or a quote from one of the participants!

I’ll announce some that are in the running as the contest progresses and then announce a winner likely toward the end of the weekend!

The pic below was taken by someone I know down in Enumclaw, WA. It makes sense if you know Enumclaw.

Happy WAIT-ing!


*************** In The Running **************

Jamie Johnson: “Dang it, I need to retract my order”

Jeff Lowry: “Nothing runs like a caffeinated Deere!”

Lori: “Man, I got so plowed last night! I really need coffee NOW!”

Jeramy (last minute entry): Farmer: “I’d like to order 30 tons of manure please.” Barista: “I’m sorry sir, this is Starbucks coffee. We don’t sell manure here.” Farmer, “That’s not what the guy at Pete’s coffee told me.”


Oh man, this was SOOOOO close between Lori and Jeramy, both were very smart and hilarious!… just because I had a really bad cup from Sbux a couple days ago, I’m going with Jeramy’s last minute entry! Good job Jer! And a huge thumbs up to Lori!

(Contest) WAIT: Halloween Prop Edition

Another “What Am I Thinking”  (WAIT) contest has begun. This one is a creative scary inappropriate unique prop a guy in North Carolina created that ended up being a bad idea as 9-1-1 was called a few times as a result.

So, rather than it being a real-life bad idea, I thought we could redeem it and make a contest of it…

If you have a thought or caption that can go with this one, let’s hear it!

I’ll give props to those who come up with some clever captions and pick a winner on Halloween. The winner receives a handful of Aaby-leftover Candy (and we get good stuff).

Happy Caption-ing!


******** In the Running *******

Looking for John’s dear.
She was last seen jogging.
If you’ve seen John’s dear.
Please call … … …. asap.
Thank you. ~ Jan A.

Looks like more overtime for my husband! ~ Lori (NOTE: Her husband is in law enforcement)

Unfortunately, no one was around to hand John a screwdriver or a bandage….maybe the mailman would come soon… ~Chris Cummings

Bright side? At least the bag attachment was on. ~Ron Larson

With a rebel yell, he cried “Mower, mower, mower!” ~Lori

“I accidentally laid under my lawn mower.” ~Taylor Murray (so stupid, but so funny!)

“Hey Ciscoe, in a situation like this should I bag or mulch?” ~Ron Larson

How to know she’s really not that into you: a John Deere Dear John. ~unowho

Daily Gazette — Husband lays down for nap after mowing the grass. Wife last seen running away from the scene. ~ J Web

See, Brian . . . we TOLD you that David couldn’t handle mowing the lawn. Now go be a good big brother and get him out of there. ~the wifey

************* The Winner **************

Gotta say that pretty much every comment could have been in the running, these were hilarious! Loved a couple of Ron Larson’s and almost gave it to him with either of his contenders, but honestly, the one that continues to make me laugh the most, is the 80’s flashback and creative use of Billy Idol’s song. Good job Lori, you get two handfuls of candy!

(CONTEST) WAIT: Going Green

(WAIT) What Am I Thinking?

Okay, here’s another contest. I have a Joe Poppino CD that I’ll give to the winning quote/thought/caption…

Submit your thought in a comment (if it doesn’t post right away, no worries, I’ll get to it). If yours is funny/creative enough you’ll make it into the running.

Have fun. This one’s unique.



*********In The Running********

  • Hi, my name’s Peat. ~the wifey
  • Now THAT’S a bad hair day! ~unowho
  • “Muchas Grass-e-us” ~Wes
  • Can’t believe I have to miss the big game this week . . . I’ve got turf toe. ~the wifey
  • I think I just soiled my underpants. ~the wifey
  • Psst… wanna buy some grass? ~Kevin
  • Bluegrass festival mascot 2011 ~WhoaShmo
  • “…so when the Rogaine didn’t work, my “friend” recommended these Chinese herbs….” ~uknowho
  • When Hairy Met Sally: The Untold Story. ~AJS
  • “Up from the grave he arose” ~Kathleen Fast (note: possibly a little sacrilegious, but pretty funny nonetheless)
  • Please go out with me. I really am a fun-gi! ~Lori
********** Winner ************
Holy smokes this was a fun one! There were several others who could have been in the running as well!
Here we go, I laughed the most at “…so when the Rogaine didn’t work, my “friend” recommended these Chinese herbs….” ~uknowho
Way to go “uknowho” I’ll get you a “uknowhat” (Joe Poppino CD) next time I see ya! Congrats!

(CONTEST) W.A.I.T.: Brick Attack

The “What Am I Thinking” (WAIT) Contests are essentially an “add a caption” competition. You look at the pic below, add a great caption to it and then I narrow the field to those “in the running” and eventually (after the weekend) pick a winner.

If your caption doesn’t go live right away, no worries, I’ll have to “approve” you as an approve commenter.

Have some fun with this!

Winner gets one of the last few “Together” shirts we have left from our Spring Retreats.

Let the mayhem begin…



*************In the Running**************

“If Lebron had just made a few more shots in the 4th quarter, we wouldn’t be having this problem” ~Nathan S.

“Where did you say you I TOLD YOU SO Cards are?” ~Jan A.

“I told you I really needed to drop a load!” ~Lori

*********** The Winner ***********

We didn’t need any entries after Nathan’s… I knew as soon as I read it it would be the winner. Great job friend! Shirt shall be delivered to a Network meeting soon!


It’s been too long since we’ve done a contest. And, since it’s Father’s Day weekend, let’s go ahead and do something in the genre of family… so, here ya go…

Perhaps you’re new to one of these WAIT contests. WAIT stands for “What Am I Thinking?”  It essentially is your opportunity to give a caption, thought or quote(s) for the picture below.  Submit yours through the comment and don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear right away, I need to approve many whom haven’t commented ever (or in a long time).

Best ones will make the “in the running section” and then I’ll select the champion from among those. The winner, this time, will receive a 2011 YMV t-shirt.

Have fun.

What Am I Thinking?


*************** IN THE RUNNING **************

I’ve got a fully loaded diaper and I’m not afraid to use it!! ~Kate West

So we heard you were hungry.~D DeVries

Are you guys from the CDC? Because I have some questions about my diaper smells. ~Richard Judd

I see they called in the squat team. ~the wifey

“Well, if I wore pants I guess you could say I’ve been caught with my pants down.” ~Jan A.

****************** The Winner **********************

Great entries!

I’ve got a fully loaded diaper and I’m not afraid to use it!! ~Kate West

Congrats Kate, facebook me a private message with your mailing address and t-shirt size and I’ll send the prize!

WAIT: Celebrating Basketball

In honor of the NBA playoffs captivating all of us, I decided to run a fun “Hoops” version of a “What Am I Thinking” photo contest.

You give me your best quote and/or caption for this photo (submit it as comment) and I’ll narrow down those in the running for the crown. The winner gets him or herself a new Youthmark T-shirt.

Have some fun with this one.


***************** In The Running ******************

“Life is short.
Lick sweaty armpits as you’ll never know when you’ll have the chance again.” ~Amanda Dugan

“Fragrant Foul.” ~The Wifey

“Old Spice. Taste like victory.” ~Jacob Peterson

************* The Winner ***************

No doubt our entries were down on this one because “Fragrant Foul” just had it wrapped up early. Good job “wifey.”