WAIT: Celebrating Basketball

In honor of the NBA playoffs captivating all of us, I decided to run a fun “Hoops” version of a “What Am I Thinking” photo contest.

You give me your best quote and/or caption for this photo (submit it as comment) and I’ll narrow down those in the running for the crown. The winner gets him or herself a new Youthmark T-shirt.

Have some fun with this one.


***************** In The Running ******************

“Life is short.
Lick sweaty armpits as you’ll never know when you’ll have the chance again.” ~Amanda Dugan

“Fragrant Foul.” ~The Wifey

“Old Spice. Taste like victory.” ~Jacob Peterson

************* The Winner ***************

No doubt our entries were down on this one because “Fragrant Foul” just had it wrapped up early. Good job “wifey.”

5 thoughts on “WAIT: Celebrating Basketball

  1. “That’s my tickle spot of weakness!”

    “I got you now! My tongue just blocked your shot!”

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