(CONTEST) Best Title Receives A Post

The to-do list got a little long this week. Twice I sat down and began going through a separate list of possible blog posts to write and even started writing two of them, but instead of a single post, they became a couple series… these will take me a few days to flesh out, so over the weekend I decided to test the waters and see if we may be able to do a second contest in a  row. Sometimes the spark is all I need!

Welcome to the “Best Title” Contest.

You have one-to-seven words to create a blogpost title. That title should be intriguing enough that I know EXACTLY where I want to go with the post. The “winner” will receive credit for the title and then the honors of a huge-shout-out for giving me the idea for the post.

I prefer for the subject matter to be Student Ministry related (students, leadership, events, training, soul care, missions, etc.), but you can be creative (and make me reach a bit to tie it in to Youth Ministry).

So, any suggestions out there?… The good news: If you’re the only one to suggest one, you win! Let the contest begin!



4 thoughts on “(CONTEST) Best Title Receives A Post

  1. I hope you like this one Brian

    Solitude Teachable Underground Driven Enduring Noticed Trials Saved


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