(CONTEST) WAIT: School Picture

Yay, another “What Am I Thinking” Photo Contest!

First, we have a pretty legitimate prize, the winner of this one gets a free first edition Imprint The Planet t-shirt. These are fantastic shirts and will play a part in this amazing movement we think God will use for his cause!

Okay, so essentially this contest is a photo-caption competition. You come up with a quote, title, caption, etc. and submit it as a comment (on the blog) and then after a day or two I’ll start the “in the running” section. I’ll name the winner sometime after the weekend!

In honor of the beginning of the school year, I had to go with this great picture!

Have fun!


*********In The Running*********

“I had to leave room for Snuffleupagus.” -Marc

“The first day I realized what deodorant was for.” -patloonytoon

“I’m a loner dotty, a rebel.” -mikegaines

“I now understand why I should shower after morning hockey practice.” -Joseph Cimaomo

“It wasn’t me!” -markmoder

“Another perk of homeschooling.” -Jan A.

“As part of the 1% club, I choose not to “occupy” my class photo.” -Wescott

********The Winner********

With the walk-off homer in the bottom of the 9th, Wescott (or Wecott?) wins with the 1%/Occupy comment! Wes, your shirt shall be delivered soon! Congrats!


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