I’m Open, are you?

I’ve had some great opportunities afforded me the last few years to do consulting with several churches (especially pertaining to Youth Ministry and transitions of staff).

The most consistent theme is that the churches present a STRONG desire for change to take place. We all love the idea of change… until it is happening to us! Bottom line, as soon as I (the consultant) begin to introduce possible changes the guard goes up and the defensive attacks start.

For those of us in Student Ministry we all know that something is broken in ministry to young adults, the reality is, this side of Heaven, it always will be broken. But here is a case where I do believe in evolution, I believe that youth ministry needs to consistently evolve. We must explore change! Stagnancy stinks!

I’m excited about a gathering coming to the northwest where I believe both the professional and lay youth leader can be spurred on in his or her approaches in student ministry.

Please join me at Open Seattle. This an even that has taken on new (oh no, change!) approach. The speakers are not paid, the financial sheet is “open” for all to see, the electives are geared for both those who want to dream about new stuff and practical for those who simply need some great “on the ground” training! I love the mix of local and national speakers. I can’t wait to hang out with friends like Mark, Lars, Leena, Nick, Adam and hopefully YOU! Click here to get in for cheap!

  • It’s cheap.
  • It’s time-sensitive (2/3 of your Saturday).
  • It’s historical (seriously, the first ever “Open” with Boston and Paris to follow).




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