(CONTEST) WAIT: Going Green

(WAIT) What Am I Thinking?

Okay, here’s another contest. I have a Joe Poppino CD that I’ll give to the winning quote/thought/caption…

Submit your thought in a comment (if it doesn’t post right away, no worries, I’ll get to it). If yours is funny/creative enough you’ll make it into the running.

Have fun. This one’s unique.



*********In The Running********

  • Hi, my name’s Peat. ~the wifey
  • Now THAT’S a bad hair day! ~unowho
  • “Muchas Grass-e-us” ~Wes
  • Can’t believe I have to miss the big game this week . . . I’ve got turf toe. ~the wifey
  • I think I just soiled my underpants. ~the wifey
  • Psst… wanna buy some grass? ~Kevin
  • Bluegrass festival mascot 2011 ~WhoaShmo
  • “…so when the Rogaine didn’t work, my “friend” recommended these Chinese herbs….” ~uknowho
  • When Hairy Met Sally: The Untold Story. ~AJS
  • “Up from the grave he arose” ~Kathleen Fast (note: possibly a little sacrilegious, but pretty funny nonetheless)
  • Please go out with me. I really am a fun-gi! ~Lori
********** Winner ************
Holy smokes this was a fun one! There were several others who could have been in the running as well!
Here we go, I laughed the most at “…so when the Rogaine didn’t work, my “friend” recommended these Chinese herbs….” ~uknowho
Way to go “uknowho” I’ll get you a “uknowhat” (Joe Poppino CD) next time I see ya! Congrats!

21 thoughts on “(CONTEST) WAIT: Going Green

  1. From Spenser – “Wow – look what Irene washed up!”
    From Katie – “Are you sure you wanted the 6 train?”
    From Doug – “Surprised that you don’t smell too bad.”
    From Maddie – “Do you want to borrow my hair brush?”
    From Dave – “I think you should stop drinking those green smoothies.”

    1. lol… I wasn’t lost, I swear… I just took a wrong turn after finding Osama.
      That would be something a Marine would do though.

  2. Portland is finally getting a Football team! Here is their mascot! Rip City Reefer

    (the views and opinions expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the author. In other words, hugs not drugs)

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