These Made Me Laugh

A couple things I came across this week in the ol’ blogosphere that gave me a good laugh.

Using WordPress gives me access to stats and such that I find interesting.  For instance, I can see the search terms people have used to somehow come across my blog; there’s always some fun ones and they probably end up in their search results based on the titles of some of my posts.  However, in the info section earlier this week I came across my own blog in Arabic!  Check it out and then pray about being the person who launches our Middle East Youthmark Offices!:

Each day as I fire up the internet, as it warms up (you’re supposed to let it warm up right?), I peruse a few other Youth Ministry related blogs; if you’re looking for a good laugh, a couple I saw this week may make you giggle too.

Mark Oestreicher’s blog (and others) posted this great digital nativity:

Jason Lamb’s blog had this great one about the stereotypes of Youth Pastors:

Have a great weekend!



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