CONTEST: (W.A.I.T.) Super-something?

In honor of grabbing a coffee on Tuesday morning with Mark Oestreicher (aka “Marko”), I have decided to post a contest over the weekend.  Marko had a blog when he was the President of Youth Specialties entitled, “”  Since leaving Youth Specialties he has changed his blog to  Anyway, his photo in need of a caption contest is where I stole got the idea to do my What Am I Thinking (W.A.I.T.) contest.

So, think of what these folks may be thinking.  Post your comments and see if you make it into the running.  I’ll post a winner after the weekend.

If you’re comment doesn’t appear right away, no worries, I’ll approve it the next time on sign-on.

The winner gets a Youthmark t-shirt.

Let’s see what you think of this one…



**************** IN THE RUNNING ****************

Spiderman and Mary Jane, getting ready for the 30-year high school reunion. ~ Carlos H

“Does the costume make your butt look big? Ummmm, no.” ~the wifey

“You traded your comic book collection for THAT?”  ~ AJS

“Wonder twin powers: activate! Form of . . . . our parents??” ~ the wifey

So I’m a bit out of shape… Even superheroes have to take furlough days now. ~Brad

‘C’mon, honey. You’d look GREAT in that Wonder Woman outfit I saw yesterday.’ ~uknowho

*****************The Winner*******************

Congrats to “the wifey!” From the second I read this, I had a feeling it would land #1.  Great stuff, what a witty individual she must be.  Go grab your t-shirt from the stash!

“Wonder twin powers: activate! Form of . . . . our parents??” ~ the wifey


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