(CONTEST) W.A.I.T: Costa Rica Road Rules

The driving in Costa Rica is not quite as bad as India, but there were a number of times I wondered if I wasn’t going to be enjoying the discomfort of a Costa Rican hospital.  To make matters worse, we encountered the following picture a number of times.  So rather than getting angry about it, I thought I’d just shoot a picture of it and then let you all make up some fun “What Am I Thinking” quotes.

Circumstance: We were driving down a fairly steep grade and passed two guys on their bikes, both looking down at their cell phones, I was able to grab my iPhone, get it to photo and stick my hand out the window and shoot as quickly as possible, the hombre looked up just as I shot the pic.

Give me your thought, caption or comment.  I’ll narrow down the list to those “in the running” and then crown a Costa Rica WAIT King or Queen.  The winner gets a souvenir from Costa Rica.

No worries if your comment doesn’t post right away, I will need to approve you if you haven’t commented in some time or never at all.


***************** In The Running ******************

tech support says left hand on bar as well ??? ~Aaron

Oye, por lo menos estoy texteando en bici, no en el coche como ese gringo loquito! ~Calia

Who says men cannot multitask? Peddling, Steering, Texting and Posing for the Camera. ~Dusty Buchmann

Listen, at least I’m texting on a bike, not in a car like that crazy gringo. ~ That Guy

**************** The Winner ***************

Way to go “That Guy”… that one just cracked me up.  Sure wish I could understand Spanish, because Calia would have possibly won!

9 thoughts on “(CONTEST) W.A.I.T: Costa Rica Road Rules

  1. Look, says here: We make learning BMX tricks easy

    To do a Foot Jam Endo you…
    1. Begin riding at a modest speed.
    2. Lift up either foot.
    3. As the name describes jam your foot in-between the fork at a 50 degree angle.

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