Before I post an SMS post that combines my love of Youth Ministry and the joy of March Madness, I thought I’d buy myself a little time by doing a “What Am I Thinking” (W.A.I.T.) Contest.

Here’s what you do:

  1. study the picture
  2. think of something funny to say, a caption, title or tag line
  3. enter the contest by commenting on this post with your said caption, title or tag line.

Here’s what I’ll do.

  1. read the entries
  2. laugh at some
  3. create an “in the running” from those that I laughed at
  4. pick a winner.

The winner will receive the “just in stock” summer 2011 YMV shirt from Youthmark.

No worries if your comment doesn’t go through right away, I need to approve of yours if you haven’t submitted a comment before or in some time.

Have fun with the “baseball” edition of the W.A.I.T.!


********* IN THE RUNNING **********

“I saw Benny Hinn do this once… come out!” ~Ben Potloff

“A train leaves Los Angeles at 5:00pm going North at 100 mph while a center fielder leaves his position at 7:05pm going south at 15 mph. What time will they meet?” ~Ray Hausler

“I saw my life flash before my eyes, so I bowed my head to pray…Jesus take the wheel!” ~Carrie Underwood Heather

“Man, I can’t catch anything: a ball, a break, or a train!” ~Mark

************** “WINNING” ****************

Congrats to Ray, loved it. There were several great ones, even some non-in-the-running that made me laugh and almost put in there. Ray, fb or email me your address and shirt size and we’ll mail you your prize!

11 thoughts on “CONTEST: WAIT Baseball

  1. I know they said they wanted the BART to increase access to Giants games, but having it come into center field is taking things a little to far.

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