Feeling Friendly: IGNITION

A couple weeks ago the men at my church had a “Hockey Night.” Seattle has its own Minor League team, the Seattle Thunderbirds. Blessed by a friend who hooked me up with a ticket I made the five mile trek to the arena in Kent. It was a blast to cheer on the T-birds with about 80 guys from church and about 5000 from the greater Seattle community.

A couple things stood out to me about the game itself:

  • 5000+ were screaming to our hearts delight for high schoolers. The average age of the players is probably 17.
  • These same fans cheered even louder when these same 17 years olds stopped skating and started fighting.

Yep, there we were, rising up to cheer on a fist fight between two not-even young adults. Only in hockey!

What if we cheered on high school students who were fighting for a different cause?  What if we were celebrating the fight it is to be a young man or woman of God in todays society? Well, we have that opportunity.

My “Feeling Friendly” this weekend is for the IGNITION conference taking place March 25-16 at Faith Church in Kent, WA. Described as “Serious Fun” this conference is really unlike others. The subject matter for this conference is “The Bible.” The purpose of the conference is to equip students who already know and love Jesus with the tools and information they can use to dig even deeper in the Scriptures and Application. The “fun” will show up in the events they have planned, the times with friends, meals and the exciting worship (think concert-like setting). The “serious” will show up in the content; creating an atmosphere where real questions are not just asked but honestly addressed (elective classes, main session speaker, etc.). I think it is going to be quite exciting to see a couple hundred teens praising God in song and digging deep in His Word!

I’m excited to be a part of it, speaking in the electives, but also representing Youthmark.

If you are a Youth Pastor, Youth Leader, Parent of a teen or a Student, IGNITION is something you ought to “seriously” look into! Check out the Facebook page here or the website here.

I’ll stand up and cheer for this fight!




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