The New Look!

Welcome to the new look for! (still under construction over the weekend)

As I stated last week, I am a fan of change, therefore this may happen from time to time.  What does the new look mean?  Well, beside a makeover, it means some new content as well.  The categories will expand a little bit as I am planning on implementing a few new ones.  For instance, I am going to add a category for those of you serving in Youth Ministry.  Sort of a Student Ministry editorial piece of sorts.  One might see it as an opinion, whereas others may see it as a written advice section.

What stays?: Contests will still take place from time to time… in fact I’ll try to do a contest at least once every two weeks.  I’ll keep posting stuff about my family.  I’ll continue posting Youthmark related stuff, however, I’ll also do other Youthmark blogging here.

What goes?: Just the old picture.

What changes?: Top 5 Tuesday is going to be changed at least for the time-being to Top Three Thursday.

What’s been added?: I plan on adding some more links, the Student Ministry editorial and perhaps a few other categories. In addition, I’d like to enhance the “Faith Foundations” category by doing these more often. I feel we learn so much from one another when we share about the things we do to pursue Jesus.

That’s it for now… I hope you enjoy the new look!




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