100five50 Update

Even though I was out of town all last week speaking at a camp (the same camp that was my downfall three weeks ag0), I was able to be more disciplined and abel to work out.

My c0-speaker, Mike Penberthy, texted me on Sunday and said, “I’ve been working out since the last camp, any chance we can keep it going this next week?”  Upon arrival we went to the fitness center we had seen about seven or eight minutes away from the camp.  We negotiated a “one week” membership  and we were set… now all we needed was the discipline to take advantage of our payment.

Workouts: I was able to work out a total of 5 times this last week, 5 rides  (four on a machine) for a total of 48.5 miles.

Food/Carbs: Being at a camp makes it tough, however, I concentrated on fruits, vegetables and proteins.  The few times I went out to eat (you can only take so much camp food), I did splurge more on the carbs, but overall, I felt good about the diet this last week.

Weight: I weighed in at about 219 late last night (I forgot to look this morning).

Excited to be home this week and see what it looks like to get several Lake Young’s Reservoir rides in (as I did last nigh… it was wonderful)!



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