Getting There… and the 100five50

Apologies for those who may look forward to surfing the net and finding a new post on this site… I have been pretty swamped these last 10 days and am preparing for some overhaul to the ol’ site.

I normally posted the update on Monday, but haven’t had web access the last couple days that was solid enough to do anything besides some facebook updates while speaking at a camp.  However, the last week was a recovery week on the 100five50.  I got back in the groove and back on the bike!

Physical:  I rode my bike six of the 7 days last week for a total of 62 miles.

Carbs/Eating: Certainly got back in the groove with the carb-count.

Weight: Was sitting at 220 pounds on Sunday late afternoon… did this Sunday instead of Monday because I figured there would not be a scale at the camp I was speaking at.

Overall a great week.

Looking forward to some changes on this site and some new features.



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