CONTEST: Valentine’s Day WAIT

Here we go again… in light of it being Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d get into the spirit of the Hallmarkian Holiday and post up a little festive fun.  Here are TWO contest photos for you to choose between or post a comment for both!  Just start your comment by indicating 1 or 2 so we know which one you’re commenting on.

Best “Thoughts” (captions) go Into The Running for the win and then I pick the winner.  Here’s the twist, I think I am only going to pick the best ONE overall (slow economy, can’t give away two prizes).  I have a nice prize, valued at about $25 for this contest winner!  After you comment, it may not post right away, be patient, I’ll get to it and approve you as a commenter (that is, if it is clean).

WAIT: What Am I Thinking? You post the best thoughts for any/all of the participants seen below.



Have fun… don’t be inappropriate, this is a PG (okay, PG-13) site.


**********In the Running**********

#1 The precise moment Katherine decided, once and for all, to kiss dating goodbye ~ the wifey

#1 i love sportscenter too– i mean you. i love you too. ~ Richard Judd

And though he didn’t mean for this to be in contention, but made me laugh…

Just an observation: In all of your caption contest, your wife always seems like the clear winner. ~Stephen Heath

#2 I think that’s pretty much what every groom looks like to every father-of-the-bride. ~the wifey

******************The Winner********************

Great work Stephen, you called the winner… the wifey wins with her quip about Kissing dating goodbye!

This must have been a tough one, less entries even though we had two pics!

Good job “wifey” going to switch up the prize and take you on a date instead!


8 thoughts on “CONTEST: Valentine’s Day WAIT

  1. As 100,000 people crowd into Dallas Stadium and millions more tune in for Today’s Feb. 14 NBA All-Star game, women are the clear losers of today’s game.

  2. #2 – News Headlines: “Nitro the pit bull jumps ship on being president of the Man’s Best Friend Club due to a sudden change of heart. He was recently seen out on the town with some friends and had this to say: ‘What was I thinking?'”

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