Top Five Tuesday: The Last 36 Hours

We just returned from a quick vacation to Leavenworth with a couple other families!  What a fantastic time we had with the Champers and Bauers! Though this top 5 will be a quick one, and full of pictures, it wasn’t all fun and games!  My “bottom one” is the lack of sleep.  Will just did not want to let us sleep last night, thus the quick post tonight, to allow for the needed rest to catch up!

The criteria, the top 5 things we did while on our mini-vacation to Leavenworth, complete with some great pics!

Without further ado, the list.

Five: Ice Cream and Fun in Leavenworth!

Four: Fun in the car! Good talks, laughter, great scenery and the kids watching a movie or two… oh and naps.

Three: Late night talk with the three couples! How nice it was to have fun and deep discussion around the wood stove.

Two: Playing in the Snow as a Family!

One: Sledding!

Thank you Jesus for a great family to share great times with!



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