If Teens (and church leaders) could see their Youth Pastors

Every week I get to spend time in gatherings of Youth Leaders. The two main networks that I am part of are the Burien (weekly) and Kent/Renton (monthy) networks.

This last week at the Kent/Renton network I was moved to take a quick iPhone pic as I thought of the unity represented in this prayer time.  Though not all are pictured, the picture below represented:

  • American Baptist
  • Converge
  • United Methodist
  • Non-Denom/IFCA
  • Young Life (Parachurch)
  • Nazarene
  • Evangelical Lutheran
  • Youthmark (Parachurch)
  • Calvary Chapel


Though theological i dotting and t crossing may happen in some circles, I can say that the folks I get to hang out with at these networks have one thing in mind… stand (kneel) united and rely upon the Lord to open up pathways for us to reach the students in our community for Christ!





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