You know the scoop; think of the best quote, title or caption for this photo (WAIT stands for “What Am I Thinking?).

Those “In The Running” will be posted below and then in a couple days I’ll crown the winner (the one that I think is the most funny).

The Winner will receive  the choice of one of three books I purchased for our “Gift Pack” we just gave to Youth Pastors who registered for the Mission Trips early.

Have fun.



****** In The Running *******

When did they expand downtown Renton? ~Ralphie

I know I’m a guy, but for once, I think I need to stop and ask for directions. ~Lucas H

Does it make me a huge nerd if I immediately thought of the USB port symbol when I saw this? ~Riley

“Who the heaven cares?” ~Jan  NOTE from Brian: Jan’s made me laugh because I am not sure she is saying “who the heaven cares” about the contest or “who the heaven cares” if that’s what she’d think when she approached the sign?  Either way, it made me laugh!!!

Welcome to Tax Season! ~ Kate West

Isn’t that the ancient Chinese character for “HA! HA! HA! HA!” ~unowho

A diagram of People Magazine’s simple guide to successful dating relationships. ~steverorke

**************** THE WINNER *****************

It came down to two that made me laugh the most; unowho comes in a close second, with Jan’s “Who the heaven cares?” taking the prize!  Nice one Jan… First, it made me laugh, but then it made me laugh more thinking of you specifically coming up to that sign and thinking/saying that… AND meaning it!

I’ll email you with your book prize choice! Congrats


14 thoughts on “CONTEST: WAIT, Road Sign

  1. Brian,

    Just meant I’m glad we know the final destination, because some times it can be utterly confusing down here, especially if we are banking on “Good Luck”.


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