On Saturday morning I found myself doing something very, very odd.

I was laying in bed at about 9:00 a.m.!  This is a very rare occurrence.  A welcome one for sure, just rare.

As I look back at the last six to seven weeks I only see a blur.  I have posted a couple times about how far behind I was on a few projects etc, but praise be to God, we were able to get things all done and out pretty much on time.  It was a whirl-wind, but it is finished!

I am so thankful for a loving and supportive wife who endured the early mornings with me gone (I was leaving for a coffee shop often at 6:00 a.m.) to start my day.  I was so encouraged by my kids who, when I cam home in the evening, would attack me with their love and support…

  • … Will would run up to me and say, “Da-dee ohme, Da-dee ohme” followed by “Da-dee haT” (emphasize the “T”)… he would want me to put my nice warm hat on his head (which he’d then wear for the first hour I was home).
  • … Audrey would often jump into my arms and want to be flipped onto my shoulders… so proud of her daddy for going out “and making all the money” (that’s what she tells me to do when I go work).
  • … Halle, normally sitting on the couch and reading would say, “hi Daddy” and then tell me a story from her school day.

This season officially came to an end on Friday.

  • The writing of all the initial 2010 materials done.
  • The assembling and distribution of Leaders Guides complete.
  • The shipments of books off.


Sleeping in on Saturday felt odd.  I woke up thinking, “I must be missing something?”  I’m sure that I am, but for one, no, two (Sunday was a repeat), it felt great to just “be.”

Today, I shift my focus toward the “oh-so-behind” foll0w-up phone calls and emails.  I am trusting the Lord to bring us more churches/teams to use these books that we have recently completed.  Please pray for these things with us!  I’m so excited for what is ahead.  So enthused by the lessons I learned these last several weeks and SOOO thankful to God for a wonderful family who supports me!




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