Top Five Tuesday: Summer Preview

It is hard to believe, but in about six months I will be nearly finished with our second season of YMV’s.  Our last “Complete” launch will be finished on July 24 and those Pacific Northwest teams will all be serving in their communities.  Much will happen between now and then, and Youthmark Mission Ventures are just one of things I am so excited about for this coming summer…

I thought I’d make that the focus of this Top 5 Post.  The criteria, I am naming the top five things appearing on my summer calendar as of today, January 26.  If it isn’t listed yet, it doesn’t make the list!

Without further ado, the list.

Five: Frosh Camp for YoungLife. I am part of the leadership team at Kentridge High School for Young Life.  Each Monday we gather to love on kids and share the Good News with teens who, for the most part, don’t know Jesus.  What an honor!  This summer I’ll be leading the guys to a camp up in Canada!  Five days with 14 and 15 y/o guys is going to be a hoot!  Depth of relationship and plenty of hours to know their young lives so that they can (hopefully) meet the One who knows them best!

Four: Colorado Camps/Anniversary. I have been invited to speak at two different High School camps this summer in Colorado.  It is always fun to be the guest speaker at retreats and camps.  Extra-special that I am going c0-teach with a good friend of mine, Mike, who played professional basketball for the Lakers (also overseas).  The second of these two camps happens to fall around the same time as my 14th Wedding Anniversary to Elisabeth!  It just-so-happens that we were married in Colorado Springs!  So, the plan is to have Elisabeth come for that second camp and either on the front-end or back-end we’ll celebrate our anniversary as well!  Woo-hoo!

Three: Youthmark Mission Ventures! This one had to be “clumped” into one major category.  Because we have several trips heading out in Alaska, PNW, Inner City settings, The Rockies, the Desert SW and the Gulf Coast, I cannot pick just one trip that I’m most excited about

Two: U2 with Elisabeth! I was so excited to secure some tickets to my all-time favorite band.  Rockin’ out at Qwest Field with my wife is going to be such a cool experience!  Hoping to hear Where the Streets Have No Name and would be so excited if they dropped in 40! It’s so nice of Bono, the Edge, Adam and Larry to drop by!

One: Hawaii! Last summer we had the privilege of going to Sunriver, Oregon with the entire Aaby-side of our family.  We had a full week of fun in Central Oregon.  Well, this summer, the three kids on Elisabeth’s side (and spouses) have decided to treat Mom and Dad to a week in Hawaii!  This is going to be a blast!   We revealed the plan at Christmas via iChat with all the kids/grandkids present online/video.  Time with cousins has our kids so excited!  Aloha!

Anything you looking forward to this summer?



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