Top Five Tuesday: Tuesday Annoyances

I’m typically optimistic, in fact, my Top 5’s have all been very positive up to this date.  However, today I make the shift to Negative Neil (apologies to anyone named Neil).  As I sit here and write this post I am experiencing my number 1 annoyance.

The criteria for today, the top five things that have lately gotten under my skin (lately, means today).

Without further ado, the list.

Five: Bathroom Keys at Starbucks. I feel like such an elementary student, I need to stand in line to get to the front to ask for a key to find out if I can go to the bathroom? Really?  I somewhat expect the Barista to say, “I don’t know, can you?” (okay, “may I?”) Anyway, do we really need to go gas-station style and have a key clipped to some big spoon (or at one store a giant ruler?) just to use the restroom?  C’mon Starbucks, you’re classier than that.

Four: The Post Office. Often not a nice place to be. However, the new flat-rate box thing is pretty cool and they helped facilitate getting the first of the 2010 YMV Leader Stuff out today, but the overall customer service… umm… I almost went Postal. Newman!

Three: Department of License not sending Tab-Renewal Notices. For whatever reason the DOL has not updated my mailing address in 5+ years, even though I have updated them!  I was pulled over for expired tabs… totally my fault, should have remembered, but c’mon, 99.9% of people get reminders to do this (we always do for Elisabeth’s car), but I never do for my car.  Oops, gotta take care of that.  Officer was very nice and showed me grace!

Two: Receiving False Instructions and Then Being Told I Was Wrong. To protect the innocent I will be vague.  We turned in some forms today, did everything that we were specifically supposed to do (because the said forms had marked the exact things we needed to fill out), upon turning them in this person checked the forms, took the money and told me to have a great day.  I left, and then was chased down in the parking lot and told I was supposed to also do such and such and pay more (by the very person who told us what to do and what to pay to begin with). Annoying.

One: Customer Service Phone Trees and Waiting. I started this post about ten minutes ago, having already been in the Bank of America Phone Cue for over ten minutes.  Okay, they finally answered… however, only AFTER I talked to a real person only to have her tell me “I’ll connect you now” and sent me to the beginning of the stinking message again!  I needed to enter account number again and all that good stuff!  AAAAHHHH… I want to talk to a real person!

Besides this post, what has annoyed you today?

I’ll be positive again next week… promise!



2 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Tuesday Annoyances

  1. I really, really like the gigantic ladle they give you at one particular Starbucks around here. A ladle? Really? In the bathroom? Gross.

  2. Supposedly, if you just start hitting 0 over and over, it will always connect you to a person. If people are angry enough to hit buttons, they want to talk to you right away, so supposedly it works no matter what the system. However, I’m too much of a rule-follower to try it. Usually I push 0 once and it works just fine. 🙂

    and the bathroom thing is COMPLETELY true. I don’t like going to Starbucks in Seattle for that reason.

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