CONTEST: W.A.I.T. @ The Light

I do a little contest series called “What Am I Thinking?”  Essentially, it is a photo caption contest.

Well, I’d like to know what you’d be thinking if you encountered this scenario.

Here’s the scoop, best caption gets the prize.  I’ll list those “in the running” after a day or so and crown the winner after a few days.  Have fun, enter as often as you’d like.  If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, some of them I need to approve first (if you haven’t even commented, or if it has been awhile).  Found this little photo on a friends blog…

So, what are you thinking?

What Are You Thinking (if you came upon this)?

Winner gets a stocking stuffer (pretty sweet little gift, I promise)!



********** In The Running **********

No, No, No. The other left. ~ wes henry

Oh, I see Obama and the House Democrats got a hold of our traffic signals too. ~ the wifey

Must be a pretty big stocking stuffer if that’s the tree! ~ Jan A.

… Then go left or right at the corner of undecided and agnostic… ~Joe Monto

Mapquest said take a left… ~ Aaron Gowin

Wait til you see the stop light cameras! ~Aaron Gowin

Traffic control by committee. ~ unowho

Who’s idea was it to put this light right next to the DOL? ~Aaron Gowin

Greg Nichols last act as Mayor. ~Aaron Gowin

*************AND THE WINNER IS….****************

Congrats to Aaron Gowin with his great comment: “Mapquest said take a left…”

I loved this one, because after a few years of using Mapquest I have completely abandoned them for Google Maps (and most recently my iPhone GPS).  Mapquest had me take one too many bad lefts!  There were several great ones (many from Aaron as well).  To be honest he had two or three others that could have been in the running, just got tired of copying and pasting!  Ha.   Aaron, shoot me a fb message with your address and you get your stocking stuffer (or let me know when you’re up near Fairwood and we can grab a coffee and I’ll hand it to you).

Great work folks!


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