What’s New in Thanks?

Very thankful for this gang!

The question that we are all answering today: “what are you thankful for?” is a great question to ask.  I hope it is one each of is giving much thought and also responding in praise and in actually giving thanks.  Of course my relationship with Jesus and my ever growing affection and love for my family always top the list!

I thought I’d throw a little twist to the question for my blog today… so take the time to comment if you’d like as I will below.

What are you thankful for this year that was not on your radar screen last year?

This question caused me to think even more… the question, worded differently could read, “what’s new in your life this year that you are thankful for?”  Or perhaps, “what are you now thankful for that you were not in the past?”  You see, I can think of several things for each of these different questions… such as new life, trials, etc.

2009 YMV's gave me much experience!

As for my answer... I’m very thankful for is the new knowledge I have and the learning curve I experienced in the last year withYouthmark.  It has been a wonderful, but trying year.  When James says, “consider it pure joy when you face various trials” I often want to mock that statement.  It is a very hard thing to do!  However, I am thankful for all the trials of 2009 (as well as all the great things). However, many of the trials are what have brought me newfound wisdom and experience.  I am thankful for these experiences that I think will make 2010 an even better year!


What about you?  What wasn’t on your radar screen last year that you are now thankful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving!



2 thoughts on “What’s New in Thanks?

  1. I would have to say that I too am thankful for new trials and lessons learned in 2009. Like you, Brian, I had a large learning curve when it came to the new ministry. (I also need to say that I am thankful for your guidence and advice along the way, especially all the great stuff in Anahola). And of course I am thankful for new friends and old friends that I have reconnected with.

  2. Mill’s heart spasm, never was called a heart attack.
    Joshua’s track success/disappointment.
    Two major lawsuit issues in my life.
    I am forever eternally grateful to Him that;
    “He remains faithful even when we are faithless!”

    Jan A.
    Ps. 23 and 91

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