Quick Monday Thoughts…

Very sad about the incident yesterday in Lakewood…

In light of that news I am very motivated to get the Good News out about Jesus, because the world is a crazy place and you never know when something like this will happen.  What an opportunity for Christians to come alongside others and lovingly embrace the lost and share the One hope we have in this world!

Very thankful for a good four day break where I spent way more time with family than I did behind the keyboard.

Was able to get several other tasks taken care of as well at home during the break (office is 90% done–this used to be the homeschool room, which used to be the dining room which used to be…), raked a great number of leaves, took the family out to get our Christmas tree and even got in a bike-ride on my soggy path!

Very much appreciative of the prayer coverage for the writing, I believe the Lord is answering through some of the creative thoughts I have had recently.  Pray now that they translate to paper (or keyboard at least).

After three or four straight meals with Turkey and the fixins, I was craving Mexican food… that craving was cured in the form of Chicken Fajitas, yummm!

Looking forward to the week ahead, have a lunch in Portland on Thursday and several other appointments with Youth Leaders to talk about YMV’s for 2010.

Had a great meal with the Bauers yesterday after church.  They are a great family.

My wife is having iPhone issues… that’s not fun, hope to get that fixed ASAP.

Excited to hang with students tonight at an all-area Young Life Club.

Looking forward to the season finale of The Amazing Race on Sunday… it’s been a great season.

That’s about it for my Monday thoughts.

Oh, loved the WAIT contest, scroll down to see all the comments and the winner!



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