Top Five Tuesday: Chips

It’s been a busy day… Started way too early with a 6:30 meeting in Bellevue (did you know that there was a 6:30 besides the evening one?).  Then off to Lynwood for another meeting, only to get back home for a skype meeting with someone from Colorado (only we ended up doing the call on phones instead).  All this to say, it is 3:00 and I haven’t eaten lunch or posted my top 5 yet.

Well, as I found myself compromising and grabbing for the chips in the pantry, I thought to myself, “Hey, let’s kill two birds with one stone and eat a bad lunch and do my top 5.”  So, the subject today, Top five types of Chips!

Criteria: Common or at least known Chip types.

Without further ado, the list:

Five: Flaming Hot Cheetos. Ever want your mouth, tongue and fingertips to turn some sort of nuclear powered red-orange? FH Cheetos are the answer!  The perfect blend of the original little cheesy snack mixed with what I imagine dynamite would taste like if you could put it in a hot spice flavor!  Yum.  You like ’em?  I do!

Four: Fritos.  Really?  Yeah, this one surprised me too.  But, in recent years my taste buds have advanced and I find myself liking some new stuff!  For instance, I now like Chili.  Fritos+Chili= BFF.  Throw these bad boys on a taco salad and you have that extra little crunch you’ve been craving.  To me, it’s like the next best thing to #3 on my list… oh wait, it is the next best thing to #3 on the list. Speaking of #3…

Three: Nacho Cheese Doritos. The downfall to my diet.  There have been a couple times in my life where I have tried to lose some poundage by eating right.  For whatever reason my craving for these little triangles grew with each lb. lost.  Have you ever tried these dipped in a spicy mustard?  Awesome to say the least.  The nacho-bliss mixed with the spice of the mustard makes for a delectable morsel of goodness.

Two: Spicier Nacho Cheese Doritos. Read the above, now add “wow, even better, they added more spice.”

One: Baked Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles.  Ahh, the bag I just finished for my bad lunch!  Good stuff.  You get the impression you’re eating something healthy because they are baked!  Ha.  I’m not that deceived, though they are far more healthy than French Fries, so at least I have that going for me.  The one down side to these chips… finger shrapnel.  My keyboard could have easily become orange stained from the chemical-cheese substance that adheres to your fingers better than a band-aid.  But mmmm they taste good.

So, what do you think?  Agree with any of my choices? Adamantly opposed to any selection?  I want to hear about it!



8 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Chips

    1. This, my friends, is a classic misstatement by Mr. Robinson. Salt and Vinegar do belong in the top 5 chips, if we’re talking about Cow-Chips. Nastiness does not mix with greatness and anything that tastes like it should be served with fish goes in that category. Sorry Wes, no Chips for you!

  1. What…no BBQ flavored anything? I’d have to have Lay’s BBQ chips somewhere on my list near the tippy top. They are so light and crisp and coated with delicious Q-sauce powdery substance. I know there are chemicals in there of some sort but they must be friendly ones ’cause I just love ’em all up.

    1. Jay, you are soooo right. I blew it on the BBQ flavor. Give me some Baked BBQ and call it a day. I place them in a tie for 4th with the Fritos. Really wish I hadn’t forgotten about the good-ol BBQ sauce flavoring. I stand corrected, and now I crave me some BBQ, giddy-up!

  2. Thanks Brian for providing this awesome venue that I might rant on such an important to me topic as my love for chips. Could it be that if it were not for chips there would be about 10 lbs less of me to share my concern? Or would I just have more of the next thing down the list to compensate?

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