Thanksgiving Poll

I often do “opening questions” when leading a small group (seems to break the ice well), and this or a version of the poll below always seems to create good controversy!  Give me your vote and don’t hesitate to comment with your strong opinion as well!




One thought on “Thanksgiving Poll

  1. Assuming you would not allow the turkey to be replaced with, say, a Turducken, I’ll go with the green beans and olives. You can’t have a Thanksgiving dinner without your dead bird, potatoes, stuffing, rolls, and pumpkin pie. These are mainstays. Cranberry and olives are a solid 2nd place, followed by your green beans, purple cabbage and similar dishes.

    The drinks are not directly a part of the meal itself, as they carry on before and after the meal as well, and as such cannot be eliminated from it.

    It’s turkey dogma, yo.

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