Thanksgiving Plans

We have the privilege of hosting Thanksgiving at our place this year.  Eliasabeth’s sister, Anne, has made her way up from Eugene and have temporarily transformed the kitchen/family room into quite the large Dining Room now!  We’re hosting my parents, my brother (and fam) and sister (and fam).  Should be quite fun!

Friday will be a day of recovery, clean-up and rest (I’m fighting a pretty nasty cold right now).

On Saturday I will be taking part in the first of two Holiday Hearts Tournaments.  Somewhere between 30 and 40 guys get together at these two holiday traditions (one at T-Gving time and the other at Christmastime).  They are a hoot (though I always finish somewhere near the middle–and that is being optimistic).

Looking forward to some great times with family and friends (already got to spend a couple hours with one of my ex-students who is now 25 and back in town from the midwest).  It’s so great to share life with others.  I am thankful for the people God has brought into my life. Praising the Lord for my relationship with him, my beautiful family (immediate and extended) and many wonderful friends!

 Hope you and yours have a wonderful, thankful time this weekend!




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