CONTEST: What Am I Thinking?

I know it has only been a week since our last WAIT, but hey, this one is just too good to pass up. And, since my wife posted this picture on her blog here, I thought it’d be good to get it posted here now since some of you read both.

So, here are the rules.  

You look at the picture, then post a comment giving your best thought on what my precious middle daughter, Audrey, is thinking.  Best one (I play judge and jury) gets the prize (and this prize will involve something holiday-ish).


What is Audrey Thinking?

What is Audrey Thinking?

I’ll give it a couple days, post the “in the running” comments (those that I think have a chance of taking home the prize) and then announce the winner on Friday.


In the Running (but keep them coming):

“I will be the first talented Christian rapper fo sho.” Brad

“I’m not sure what ‘homey’ means, but it sounds good when I say it” Jared

“Yo, Dora,
Yo, Dora,
Yo, Dora the Explora…” AJS

And The Winner Is:  Going to go with AJS.  In a nice shout out to our favorite comedian (Brian Regan) and the recognizing the fact that Audrey actually does say, “yo” from time to time, this just fit really well.  The prize will be presented in person upon a visit from AJS.  It will have something to do with Greg Norman.





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