CONTEST: Startin’ him early

I promise that in the next week or so I’ll go back through my posts and announce the winners of all previous “contests” (I have them, just haven’t announced them).  But I thought I’d start a new one (yes, it’s based off an idea that I have seen on other blogs, but we’ll switch it up a bit).  It’s called “What Am I Thinking?”

You’ll need to give your best or funniest thought/quote for the person(s) in the picture. Today, we’ll start with my son Will, this pic was staged last week in California.  What’s he thinking?


What Am I Thinking?

What Am I Thinking?

Have fun, we’ll see who comes up with the best one (the entire Aaby fam will be the judges).



13 thoughts on “CONTEST: Startin’ him early

  1. Will is thinking, “It’s about time you got me a venti, but where’s the whip? And what’s with the blue cup?”

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