Two Nights In A Row

I had the privilege of going to a second youth group in as many nights tonight.  Last night (as I previously posted) I spoke at Avondale Bible Church in Woodinville.  What a great group of students.  As I shared about Paul’s “fear and trembling” in his letter to the Corinthians I could see the students really relate to the Scripture.  A big thanks to Ben, their Youth Pastor, for inviting me to come share.

Tonight, I drove south to Tacoma to be a part of the Real Life Family Center youth group.  It was exciting to hear their worship band and to see the students praising God through song.  It was interesting I was down there tonight.  Troy, their youth pastor, announced that on January first he would know longer be the YP at RLFC.  The gasp from the crowd could be audibly heard.  He is very loved and loves the students.  It really brought back memories of sharing the news of our departure with my former students (I welled up as Troy was sharing).  The positive news for Troy and these students, he is becoming the Discipleship Pastor at the growing church.  So the students were saddened by the change, but ecstatic he will still be there.  Afterwards, I was able to grab Applebees with Troy and Les–the YP-to-be at Real Life (he is currently a volunteer and they are passing the full-time torch to him).  Great times.

First thing in the morning I get the opportunity to meet with two different YPs from the south (Lacey and Chehalis) and then another one at lunch from West Seattle.  Last week was a great working vacation, this week has truly been work, and it’s been wonderful!



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