Contest Updates

My most recent post was a contest, with my “in the running” candidates listed at the end of this post.  We’ll get to the winner at the end of the weekend, so, don’t hesitate to submit another or comment for your first time.  I have also included the list of all my other contest winners (and prizes when applicable).

Best Fast Food Burger: In-N-Out is the clear winner

Best Coffee Place: Starbucks won this one, Peet’s and Non-Corp coming in a close second.

Best Club: Winner: Wescott, with his suggestion for BJ’s… next time you’re in town Wes, we’ll go.

Best Fair Food: Scone, hands down.

Tell Me About My Day (Aab-Libs): Dylan wins the prize of a big Man-Hug for the best Aab-Lib. I really enjoyed the Draino and the Prom Night Punch. 

The Stove: We found it on our own, so we win the prize of dinner at our house!

The Ultimate Summer Meal:  It’s fall, and we’re still waiting for the ultimate summer meal at another house.  Now we’re feeling unloved…

Who Am I?  Schlaud won the prize, and I’m not sure if I ever got him the coffee card?  Schlaud, did I?

Name the Celebrity: Jan B. won the prize, and I know she didn’t get the coffee card, but I  think I have gotten her a couple Iced Teas at Starbucks since the win.

Free Coffee: Elisabeth won the prize and I have paid up… right?  Ha.


Okay, as for “What’s He Thinking:” here are the people we have “in the running…”

“Mmmm…coffee, I hope the chicks still dig me when I’m 5′1 at age 18…” Byron

“Wait till mommy sees this diaper” Jared

“Watch out below, Americano diaper in 1, 2, 3…” Jeramy

Family Insider Award: “Did you watch them shake it?” MIL*


Going to give it up to Jeramy, though Jared had the first diaper joke in, he added the good coffee twist.  My brother had a great one, but it offended my wife, so he’s out!  Great work Jeramy, your prize is a diaper from Will next time we’re down in Escondido!  Or a Starbucks drink, your choice.

*So the Aaby and Stimer families really enjoy our shaken Iced Tea at Starbucks.  But most of us get it w/o water and w/o the sweetner, so sometimes the baristas see this as an opportunity to be lazy and skip the “shaking” (since they think you only need it shaken if you have other stuff in there)… so we typically watch to make sure it is actually shaken! 

So, there’s still time to submit another quote from Will, get to it if you want the prize!



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