Is it Fair To Say Scones are the Best?

Here we begin the debate; some of my readership has been blessed by the wonderful Scones of the Puyallup Fair, for those who have not, I’m sorry.  Over the next two weeks thousands of these little morsels of goodness will be consumed by the fair goers.  Sometime in the next hour or so a dozen may be consumed by the Aaby family!

Onion Burgers, Elephant Ears (Funnel Cakes), BBQ Sandwiches, Cotton Candy and Scones… these are a few of the wonderful things one can consume at the Puyallup (no worries, I’ll only choose two from this list today!).

Regardless of you having ever attended the Puyallup Fair, I am quite sure you’ve been to a fair in your neck of the woods.  So here’s the contest:  Which one food item ranks the highest for you?  Why? Tell me/us about it.  Here is mine:


The Puyallup Fair Scone!

The Puyallup Fair Scone!

The scone!  A nice warm, flakey/gooey buscuit (just the right amount of sweet) and hot, raspberry jam ooozing from the center!  All for about a buck! The 20-45 minute wait to get these things is worth every small step forward!  Just make sure you get a dozen, don’t want to have to wait in line again!

Isn’t this a great post to publish immediately after talking about getting physically fit?  No worries, I’ll walk it all off at the fair!



4 thoughts on “Is it Fair To Say Scones are the Best?

  1. No question the scone is number one. Nothing like a hot scone. Also gotta love the dozen for $10 or something like that. The elephant ears at the fair are good too, but nothing like the scone.

  2. I’d have to agree, I just have one little thing against the scone that I experienced last year. Young Life expanded their pie services last year and added a new booth underneath the grandstands…right across from a scone booth. I worked there one Sunday morning and spent most of the time staring at the long scone line while a few people trickled over to our booth…mostly for coffee.

    I got to thinking, I really don’t know what it is that makes a scone apparently so much better than pie. Pie has more or less the same warm, flakey/gooey breading with even more of the hot oozy fruity goodness. And it comes in multiple flavors. All for little to no wait! We even offered cinnamon rolls.

    It’s gotta be the uniquity (yes, that’s a word) of scones in relation to the fair. Pie has been ruined by making itself too available. If you could walk into any Shari’s and buy a dozen scones for $6.49, the scone lines at the fair would vanish. That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it.

  3. I prefer and like the Fair Strawberry Shortcake! YUMMY! However, I don’t
    really like the fair or the crowds.
    My sister’s kids do 4H animals, so I
    go. When and if I get there, I do the
    Strawberry Shortcake route. And of
    course the 4H stuff. Horses, goats,
    bunnies, and/or chickens to name a few.

  4. scones are one! easy. they are so delicious!

    cheesy fries come in 2nd though, they are almost but not quite as scrumptious lol

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