The title of the post may have some thinking about January, when the show, 24, comes back for season seven… Nope, sorry.


For others it may have you thinking about Ken Griffey Jr.  Who, as a Mariner, wore #24… Nope, sorry.

When I see the number 24 right now I am thinking about sore muscles, extra laundry and waking up with aching joints. My friend, John Scott, helped me obtain a 24 day pass to 24 Hour Fitness; and for the last week I have been frequenting the local muscle mutilating shop.  It’s been fun (in a weird way).  Mostly I’ve been playing basketball (a future post already floating in my mind about this), but I’ve also been doing the stair-master and some swimming.  

Now that school has started, my mission prospectus done, I’m beginning to get back into a state-of-routine (a new one, but still a sense of normalcy nonetheless).  I think it has been great to have that sense of routine and to include some physical fitness in the midst of that.  The soreness will soon be followed with stamina; agility and muscle gain will replace the current aches and pain. 

Sometimes the refining process isn’t the fun part, but we need it to get to where we should be. Spiritually we go through the same process as well.  The refinement may be taking place in your spiritual life and you may be feeling some aches and pain.  For me, I feel I am at a good place right now, but I also know that this is a result of some good training and some strong pains of the past. I have a sense of routine right now, spiritually,  and I know that the training is not done. Whereas, my 24 day pass to 24 Hour Fitness will expire soon, my 24 Hour Faith will not expire, Praise the Lord for his wonderful grace!

By the way, I’m not the only one getting fit in this family!


Halle working out!

Halle working out!

Audrey doing some stretching!

Audrey doing some stretching!


The William Workout (standing!)

The William Workout (standing)

Hope you are working out too!


One thought on “24

  1. Working out starts next week. I work out every day at my work with the 7 two year olds I work with. There are lots of fun ways to wiggle! But the offical meet the friend and purposely work out starts next week. And yes, next week really will come.
    And following Jesus gives me a work out daily too in the spiritual realm. I love loving Him, but especially love that He first loved Me!

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