Two New Downloads

One subject I have not yet posted about, but not worthy of its own blog “category,” is, music.  Ever since I was given my ipod as a birthday gift about a year-and-a-half ago I have had pretty much the same music on it (Crowder, U2, Tomlin, some various sermons, etc.).  To be honest, my ipod has been used more to feed my addiction to 24 (yes, I watched all of the first five seasons in less than three months) and Prison Break (all three seasons in less than a month).  Before you feel the need to confront me, let’s get back to music…

Just this week I heard the sweet sound of kids laughing, this is the sound of family safe listening on Spirit 105.3! Every now and again, the talk radio I normally have one gets a little old, or a few too many commercials, so I switch over to the ol’ Christian broadcasting.  Well, on this particular day they were interviewing Chris Tomlin.  I have liked Tomlin for the last few years and was happy to hear he had a new album, Hello Love, coming out.   Immediately after playing one of his songs, the station played a song from another band, Leeland.  I had purchased Leeland’s first album, Sound of Melodies, about a year ago, and listened to it a lot. I really liked the sound of the new song too.  Opposite Way is the title track to their new album.  Instead of paying the $36, plus tax, at Fred Meyer, I decided to check them out on itunes.  Both albums are now safe and secure in my itunes library (and for less than $20)!  And both are quite impressive.  So, here’s my first music review:

Chris Tomlin’s Hello Love:

“Two ears up! Great sounds, consistent with all of his previous albums, be ready to sing some of these songs in your local church [unless your church is struggling to find its “current” sound… 🙂 ].


Leeland’s Opposite Way:

“Two ears up! A very good sophomore album.  Stayed consistent with sound of first album on some songs, but introduced some new funk on some others!  I am already envisioning using a song for some highlight video at a camp.”


Happy listening!



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