Back in the Saddle

It had been a little over a month since I last had the opportunity to teach from the Word.   Just over a month ago I was able to preach at my old home-church of Boulevard Park (1 John). I’ve missed it, especially because even in the last three months of my tenure at BPPC I wasn’t really speaking at The Gathering (Sunday School) very much (giving others opportunity to grow in that ability) and my only opportunity was preaching once a month at church.  However, I am in the midst of a two week stretch now where I will be giving several messages.  

Yesterday (Sunday), I was able to speak at Highlands Community Church-Parent of Teens Classs.  What a fabulous class (about 80-100 I’d guess).  The group seemed hungry.  They are launching a series called Parent Fuel.  It is based on Barry St. Clair’s book with that title.  If you’d like to preview it click here.  It’s a great book.  However, today I was simply trying to lay a foundation of what I believe the Church (youth ministry)-parent relationship could/should look like.  Specifically we looked at Luke 2:41-52, and Jesus as a pre-teen.  I really appreciated the opportunity to speak to a great bunch of parents! 

This coming weekend I will be speaking at a camp for my friend Jimmy McPherson.  He is the Youth Pastor at North Creek Presbyterian Church.  I will be speaking to his combined Jr. High and Sr. High camp.  The theme for the weekend is “An Inconvenient Truth.”  Before you think Jimmy is asking me to preach a Green message, it isn’t about Gore’s book (or movie).  It is simply looking at the question, “what if we REALLY lived out the Gospel?”  Because our flesh (sin nature) is so evident in our lives, the Gospel sometimes (often) becomes inconvenient in our lives (and this is  BAD thing).  It would be easier (a lot) to just do what the flesh desires. Pray, that I don’t rely on my flesh even as I prepare these messages!  I’m looking forward to presenting God’s Word to a group of students and staff!  

I’d appreciate your prayers as I finish up the prep for these messages and look for opportunities to meet with other Youth Pastors to talk about Youthmark Mission Ventures in the midst of a very busy week.



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