Going… going… gone?

This is certainly not a “normal” post on my part.  However, we’re desperate!  Two years ago one of them caught fire.  18 months ago another one quit.  6 months ago one decided to work whenever it darn well pleased.  Then the door stopped working and the front glass recently shattered.  Any clue as to what I am talking about?

That’s right, our stove/range is almost dead!  We are down to one burner and no oven.  It’s time to replace the junker! Anyone who helps us find a fantastic deal on a new (to us) slide in downdraft range is entitled to the fantastic “first meal” from said stove (and we make a great meal!).  Seeing as how the summer is almost over (as you can tell outside) we will not be grilling as much, a new stove is needed for survival. So, basically, you can look at it as saving our lives!

Because it is an “island” stove, we do need it to be a downdraft (but we will contemplate duel fuel, though we’d have to install the gas line, so electric is preferred).  As I stated above, this is a very strange request, but you never know what networking will do?  We have scoured Craigslist for the last two months only to be denied the pleasure of purchasing by not being the first ones in the electric (mail) door.

So, what do you say?  Wanna come over for dinner?  Now you know the ticket!






One thought on “Going… going… gone?

  1. Sorry, I would love to save your lives, and it would be fun to have dinner. However, I did think I had an angle, brother-in-laws uncle, but I guess he only does washers and dryers, not appliances in general. I will keep my ears open, you never know. God works in mysterious ways. It’ll be fun to see how He helps figure it out.

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