The Gushing Wounds

I have been putting a lot of time into the missions program Youthmark is about to launch.  I have been thinking through a lot of memories from trips to the likes of Rockaway Beach, OR; Pine Valley, CA; Unity, OR, Council, ID; Skagway, AK; and many others.  These trips have been a hoot and I have learned much from our students.  One of the things that stands out, students on a mission are not much different than adults in church.  We/they often focus on matters that matter little rather than the matters that matter the most!

All have sinned.  People are dying w/o a Savior.

He has provided a way to life eternal, yet people are dying w/o a Savior.

We want behavior change in people we befriend and reach out to, yet people are dying w/o a Savior.

We want people to stop cussing, stop looking at porn, and improve their character… yet w/o Christ they are dying without a Savior.


Read the small print at the bottom

Read the small print at the bottom

When we approach people to share the greatest love we have we need to look past the sharp edges of his quirky personality, her quick temper, his foul mouth; we must understand that the bridge is out in his or her life.  Improving personality, temper and mouth may help a person look better, sound better and appear more civil, but let’s not forget the deep wounds of sin w/o a Savior.

It is my hope/prayer that the students on the missions we provide will be quick to see the soul of a person and not the behavior.  It is my hope/prayer that I can live that way now!



2 thoughts on “The Gushing Wounds

  1. It’s all for His name sake.
    Wow, if we could just get that.
    It’s not about us or them.
    It’s about Him.
    He loves each and every person.
    Big, little and anywhere inbetween.
    He even loves Mrs. Jan.
    I tell my two year old class that every day.
    He is love, and He loves us.

  2. Been thinking about the sign on this one!?
    For some reason it just seems wrong. I guess maybe the point is that we need to get the other persons attention first. Or maybe their respect of whatever. Because, if they don’t ever hear that there is a problem. I guess they just get to die. And then if you boil that sign down. Maybe it might say something like, “HEY!, LIFE HURTS, DID I MENTION THAT LIFE HURTS? Got God?” Sorry, but the signs been sort of haunting my mind. We have a message that we need to earn a right to share!

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