The Tube

The television is a pretty phenomenal item.  I have a love-hate relationship with TV.  Sure, I love it for watching a good game; but I hate commercials.  I like being able to to just relax and laugh, but I hate being sucked in for hours on end (this rarely happens).  We limit the amount our kids watch because with more than a 30 minute kids show or two we see their attitudes changing.  Perhaps I don’t even recognize this in my own life?  

With all this being said, I have enjoyed watching some of the Olympics this summer (not very impressed with all the tape-delay of NBC though).  And I am looking forward to a couple shows coming back this next TV season.  Here is the complete list of the shows I will probably watch this next year:

1. 24 (doesn’t come on until January, but am looking forward to it)*

2. Prison Break (got hooked because 24 wasn’t on).*

3. Survivor (yep, it is still on, season 17 or something!)

4. The Amazing Race

5. The Office… I think I have watched one or two episodes, but the frenzy has gotten me interested and I’ll give it a shot.

Okay, I’m done writing, I think I’ll go watch some TV, afterall, it’s a perfect sunny and 78 degree day!**

Oh and this!***


*Denotes shows I watch w/o Elisabeth (she would want you to know!)

**Denotes a total joke, in case you have no humor.

***Denotes a desire for you to read previous post and help me with some opinions!

2 thoughts on “The Tube

  1. I don’t understand it either. The only things we are guaranteed in this life are
    to pay taxes, have an opinion, and that we won’t get out alive. One of the three things they are guaranteed (having an opinion) and they won’t even give it to you. Boggles my mind.

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