Favorite Summer Meal


Sizzling Tri-Tips!  Yummmmmmm!

Sizzling Tri-Tips! Yummmmmmm!

Every now and again I need affirmation that you’re out there reading this; so I will post some sort of “comments needed blog” (though I love comments on any of my posts).  Here is one I hope produces some good thoughts.  The subject you need to comment on: Your Favorite Summer Meal!  


Last week in Scottsdale, with my Lifeboat (you can go back several posts and read through the entire trip), we ate a lot of meals at the rental house!  Because I did the menu I got to pick the things I like the most!  So, I’ll start the dialogue with my ultimate summer meal that I made (and I’m kept mine financially feasible, you can go over the top if you’d like):

Grilled (by me) Tri-tip steak from Costco, Large Russet Baked Potato (with butter, cheese, chives and sour cream), Corn on the Cob (though we didn’t do this in AZ)  and a Green Salad (with Ranch on the side).  I’ll go with an Arnold Palmer (combo of iced tea and lemonade) to drink.

Your turn, what is your ultimate summer meal?  


*I categorized this as a “contest” because if anyone wants to be the first to have the Aabys over for this Favorite Summer Meal, you win!  (you win nothing but a fun evening hosting us, but you still win.)


5 thoughts on “Favorite Summer Meal

  1. Okay, I stopped commenting because I felt silly being the only commentor. So, I would really appreciate other tyers here
    on line.

    Favorite summer meal? I like summer meals of all kinds and sorts, because I like food.
    But a must have on summer meals is nice cold sweet yummy watermelon on the side.
    And a cold cup of green tea never hurts.

    Will check with the powers at b about the
    Aaby’s over for dinner. Sounds like it would be fun. Just went back to work (daycare)this afternoon,for our last BBQ of the summer and helped out. Lots of kids, a few parents, hotdogs, watermelon, milk and carrots and broccoli. Crazy, but fun! Only two glasses of milk spilled by the same person. Problem? Light blue eyes and table sitting in the sun. He kept closing his eyes because it was too bright (2 year old). We never stop living and learning. Next time, table in the shade, (I was not there to pick the spot), might be better. Anyways, I’m sure lots of people will invite the Aaby’s over. Actually, bringing dinner to your house might work better. I have two grandsons, but don’t see them often. So, not a lot for little people to do here just yet.

    Can you tell I have been working at not being the only one talking on your blog!?
    Long winded or what?!

  2. My favorite meal would have to be any type of steak, corn on the cob with butter and pepper and a lot of juicy watermelon.

    Brian I don’t think you guys would want to come down to Olympia and eat in our crammed apartment, also I don’t have a grill yet; waiting until next summer most likely.

  3. Jan!
    Good to hear from you! I don’t always post because I have nothing witty/ interesting/ deep to say – sigh. My brain is on a summer hiatus. Or I need to return to 2AM blog writing when I usually have (what seems to be at the time) my good ideas. And, I am never home during the summer it seems.

    Yeah, right, Brian, Like my family’s schedule is ever going to mesh with your family’s schedule this side of paradise!!!

    Hmmm, if the Aaby’s came for dinner…we’d grill chicken and broccoli, eat a spinach/lettuce salad with feta and a homemade Greek dressing, have some homemade breadsticks, and finish the meal off with warm double chocolate brownies, a blueberry crisp, and vanilla ice cream.

  4. Well I like Steak on the BBQ, so My favorite summer meal will be the first time I eat steak on my new BBQ in the backyark of our new house, sometime in the next 3 weeks. Come join us!


  5. Steak on the BBQ, lemonade, ceaser salad, maybe some fresh garlic bread (you can do it on the bbq too!).

    Also, not in the favs category but summer essentials are Hebrew National hot dogs on the bbq, and the sirloin burgs from costco on toasted buns.

    Last night (and tonight as well!), I will enjoy a Cali summer favorite, Dodger Dogs @ Dodger Stadium.

    Brian, where does Dodger stadium rank in your ball park rankings? For me, having been to less stadiums, it feels like #2 behind safeco. It’s an awesome setting and one of the most enjoyable places to sit outside.

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