Your Vote Will Count!


Living in King County for most of my life I have heard “your vote won’t really make a difference.”  I have to admit, that most of the time I have had to agree, we live in a quite liberal area, and most of the time my vote leans more toward the conservative.  However, I want you to be aware of a voting opportunity in which I know your vote will count.

As I wrote about a few posts back, the Heiders are hosting a Youthmark Fellowship Gathering this coming Monday, August 18, at 7:00 PM (email me if you need an address or directions). At this gathering I will introduce the attendees to a couple of my “major” Youthmark offerings.  One of which is a mission-oriented project.  I know a number of the places I will be offering these mission trips, but there is a mystery location in which I am going to count on my “voters” to help pick!  So, come one, come all, and help me make a critical decision for the Summer 2009 Youthmark Mission season!

Looking forward to sharing the vision and direction with as many as possible.  Thanks for the many who are committed to praying for the Aabys and Youthmark!  Hope to see you Monday.



One thought on “Your Vote Will Count!

  1. Hey, I won’t make it up for the gathering, but know I’m praying for you and youthmark and hope it’s a great gathering tomorrow night.


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