Traffic Report


Does your spiritual life look like this?

Does your spiritual life look like this?

Ever been stuck in traffic?  Of course you have! We turn on the radio to find out 405 North is backed up for NO REASON, and that I-5 south has a jack-knifed semi-truck taking up all 5 lanes!

The “birds eye view” of a helicopter or a traffic cam give motorists the information they need in order to avoid the potential dangers and back-ups ahead.  They help us to take different routes and guide us to better roads.

In life we often need the birds-eye view of another person.  A week or so ago I spoke about “balance” and the struggle I sometimes have with the advice of one person that contradicts that of another (or my own).  But this outside perspective is very needed!  It is much like the traffic advisory.

This morning I had a phone call from a long-distance mentor.  Barry St. Claire is an older name in Youth Ministry.  He has written much and is a godly man.  I enjoy hearing his perspective on life and ministry.   Several months ago I was feeling convicted and felt a mentor would be helpful through this process of moving from being a pastor to a small business owner.  Barry has done exactly the same (several years ago) and done so with keeping his Lord and his family as his first priorities (as I desire to do). I sent him an email (I had gotten to know him a big a couple years ago) asking him to mentor me (explaining the reasons why).  Because of his own busy life, he told me he would pray about it… Well, eight months, five phone conversations and several email exchanges later, apparently he is still praying because he hasn’t said “yes,” or “no” to mentoring me. So this “non-mentorship” is working out quite well (exactly what I had hoped for)!

So here is my birds-eye view traffic report…  Life is busy, it is hectic, there are a lot of jack-knifed people out there and a lot of life’s roads are moving slowly because of our sin (and other’s sin)!  I hope you have others in your life that are helping direct, giving outside perspective and I pray we all will have the wisdom to receive godly counsel and apply it. If you don’t have a mentor/discipler, perhaps today is the day to ask someone?



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