Acts 2:42-47 has always been a favorite Scripture of mine, however, over the last few weeks and months I have been made keenly aware of what was exemplified in this passage.  In essence, this passage speaks of the first acts of the early church.  The church sought the Word together, prayed with one another, broke bread and had fellowship… then they dispersed and continued the work of the church–only to come back together again.

Youthmark is not a church, however, Youthmark will not survive if it is not supported by the church.  Of course, the majority of my “paychecks” will come from churches (those purchasing our books, participating in our events, etc.), but what about the other support needed?  The spiritual support and encouragement?  The prayer support?  And perhaps even the physical support?

I would like that support to come from you! On Monday, August 18 (one week from today), Andy and Terri Heider will host the first (of what I hope will be a quarterly) Youthmark Fellowship Gathering.  At this gathering I hope to briefly share with you the hopes and dreams we have for Youthmark and the prayer we will need to see these things come to fruition.  I would be honored if you could be in attendance.

The Heiders are hosting a dessert time at 7:00 p.m.; I will share for a few minutes around 7:30 or 7:45 and then we will spend some time in prayer together.  This isn’t a service, really it’s an open house and time for fellowship where we can “be the church.”  I greatly appreciate your love and support and can’t wait to share the vision with you.  Your prayer support is essential.

If you are interested in coming and don’t know the Heiders and/or need an address, please email me at brian@youthmark.com.  Otherwise, just show up at 7:00 (they live just off Hwy 518 as you approach Burien).



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