Sunday Departure

We made it through our “Last Supper” and our Final Lifeboat together last night.  The “over/under” on people crying was 5, I picked “under” and was correct (only one guy shed a tear).  Not that the time together lacked emotion at all, it was quite fun.  We finished Acts 21-28 and then spent time encouraging one another with memories and challenges.  I was pleased to hear the mature statements.

This morning we visited Praxis Church, my friends, Dan and Melissa attend this Phoenix church.  After church we hit an outdoor mall for lunch and are going to gather in just a couple minutes to head to the airport.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.  I look forward to getting home to my family and Youthmark; but am quite thankful for the opportunity to finish this four year journey with these young men I love.


I want my daddy home!

I want my daddy home!


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