Contest #2

Name This Celebrity

*If you are this celebrity, or if you know this celebrity (specifically, married to him) or are related to me, you may not answer this question.  Winner gets a free Starbucks card.  I’ll post hints until someone gets it.  We’ll start just with the pic, then check back, hints will be posted below.

Hint #1: Uses his vocal chords a lot.

Hint #2: Is not a mormon, but people might think he is.

Hint #3: Though on a baseball trip, he “calls” Basketball and Football his favorites.

Hint #4: It is not David Locke (but Wes is on the right path).

Hint #5: He’s a professional, but doesn’t “call” professionals.

Hint #6: Lives near a lake where he could float, but it isn’t Dead.

Hint #7: His voice can be heard, but he can’t be seen.

Hint #8: He is a white man (as you can see) and he cannot be called the “color” guy.


Jan B. is our winner.  How funny, there is a Jan A. and Jan B. who frequent the blog.  Shoot me an email Jan B. and I’ll get you your prize.

Mike Lageschulte was on the trip with us.  He and his wife, Becky, were really sweet.  I got to know them a bit and they said they were going to check out the blog.  Mike is the play-by-play guy for the University of Utah football and basketball programs.  He does the Play-by-play for the radio.  He is friends with David Locke, who was on KJR here in Seattle for years.


7 thoughts on “Contest #2

  1. No clue.
    Hope that’s not a bad thing.
    Cause if he’s a celebrity maybe I should know him.
    However, I watch very little T.V.
    See very few movies. Did see Hancock, it was sort of cute in a weird way.
    Basically have a very humble little life.
    So, tell him don’t feel bad, it’s me not he.
    Clues won’t even help me!

  2. Considering I don’t even recognize my own family if I see them out of context, I have no idea who this guy is! Although, I am pretty sure he isn’t related to me!

  3. Are you talking about the guy smiling at the camera, or the guy right behind him in the Phillies hat?

  4. I very vaguely remember you saying something about this like three and a half years ago. But, I don’t remember who you said or what you said about him. I do remember you talking about him. So, Like
    I said, even clues will not help me!

  5. Hi!! I just ran across this while I was searching for the Utah Football team articles and wanted to drop you a line and thank you for posting this! Too funny. Mike and I had a great time with you and your brother and dad on the baseball trip! Happy 2009!!

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