Bye, Bye, Boston

My view looking left

My view looking left

So… My first place for ballparks is now a great debate.  Safeco was number 1 going into the trip, Wrigley was number two… I’ll post an official list in a day or two, but I can tell you after sitting in the seats we had last night, factored with the humidity, heat and everything else, I can’t say “Fenway is the clear cut #1 anymore.”

The seating at Fenway was made for my kids.  Enough said at this point.

Great game last night though!  Boston pulls out a 1-0 Pitching duel.

We are at Logan Airport as I type, getting ready for a flight home.  Can’t wait to see Elisabeth, Halle, Audrey and Will.  Elisabeth is such a great Mommy, but I am sure she is looking forward to a little down time with just Will.  And I can’t wait to have an extended Daddy/Daughters Date (taking them to Lake Kachess later today).

I’m looking forward to start posting some of my other thoughts about this trip, my transition, Youthmark, my family and anything else I can think of.  I’m even thinking of some cool contests I can run on here from time-to-time!   

I posted a couple pics of last night below.  Pray for a safe flight for the Aaby-boys!




Back side of Fenway

Back side of Fenway

my view looking right

my view looking right




One thought on “Bye, Bye, Boston

  1. Sounds like a great plan. You are a good daddy too by the way. Don’t think I have ever been on a date with my dad. He did kiss me once at my wedding. PTL I got it,
    (well not me, but someone), got it on film.
    It is a very important picture to me. It always encourages my heart when I hear of
    dads, (and moms), who are doing a great job!
    Blessings to you and your family today!

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