So, what are you doing?

Where to begin?  As I sit down to begin my “career” at Youthmark I am struck with this question, and to be honest, it’s the question I have been asked the most the last couple weeks, “what is the first thing you will be working on?”  

I want Youthmark to provide quality products, events, experiences, resources, coaching and more for the greater youth and family ministry causes.  To that end I will be putting together mission trips, conferences, camps and written resources.  Over the last few years I have written a series of books (Bible Studies) which will make their debut and be published sometime in the next few months (we hope).  Because this is out of my hands (or off of my computer so-to-speak) and in the hands of more professional people doing the final edit/formatting/publishing, then I am free to begin some of my other projects.

So, to answer the “what will I be working on” question… I am developing what I think could be a HUGE program for Youthmark. It will be one part mission trip, but will include resources and the like to enhance the mission of the Youth ministries in the northwest.  Please be in prayer as I write these resources, develop a business strategy and market the plan.   

Over the next month or so I will be receiving feedback from move: mission prep workbook, and reformatting this to be included in the overall mission strategy. 

I am hoping to head down to LA in the next few weeks for some key meetings and will also be working on a writing project with Elisabeth.  We greatly appreciate your prayers.

Speaking of prayers… Sometime in the next month we will have a gathering of sorts (I’m hoping a BBQ) for those who want to be part of the Youthmark Prayer Fellowship (just came up with that for lack of a better title).  We want to gather from time to time to bring our prayer support team up to speed and just enjoy hanging out together.  I’ll let you know when this is, Andy and Terri Heider will host the first one.  We’d love to have you there!

Okay, back to the other writing!



3 thoughts on “So, what are you doing?

  1. Thanks for the up-date. Praying for you and
    Elisabeth and all. I am assuming you made it home safely. And that the wave camp-out and daddy daughter date-time was awesome! Never occurred to me to ask you what you will be working on first. I’m not very good at asking questions. I know you are multi tasking much of the time. God bless you and your new ministry. Will be praying…

  2. I’d like to come to the youthmark prayer fellowship BBQ, but since I’m probably not going to be in the area, do you think I could host a Bakersfield satellite BBQ? We could ichat and set up a nice web cam? Ok, that’s not likely…but much prayers and excitement for you guys as things get rolling.

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