Child-Like Faith

So, this blog is not only going to be about the adventures of Brian, or the adventures of Youthmark… it is also about the family.  While I was on my baseball trip and Elisabeth was playing the role of “SuperMom” (which she plays even when I am home) she sent me a very cute email.  Here is part of her emial to me:

Okay, here’s the note Halle wrote to me yesterday (I’ll type everything exactly as she wrote it):

“Dear Mom, Thank you for signing us in for swiming lessons.  I’m really exited about learning   to swim.  i’m also exited to learn how to duck my head underwater.  i think that swiming  lessons is really fun.  I love you. Love, Halle (in fancy letters) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (and on and on)”

Then, later in the afternoon (after lessons), she asked if she could be alone in her room for a while… I noticed Halle had her Bible and a little journal.  She gave me this twenty minutes later:

“Dear Heavenly Father I pray you would help me in swiming lessons to duck my head under
water without holding my nose.  Thank you for the beutiful earth you made.  I pray that you  help me to grow in knowing and loving you in Jesus name i pray.  Amen.”
Wendsday praer.  HGA

The Lord answers these prayers.  Yesterday I took Halle and Audrey to their 4th swim lesson.  Halle went under water 3 times without any freak outs!  It was awesome.  Below is a pic of my girls at their lesson.

May we all thank the Lord for the lessons He is teaching us and may we all pray to grow in knowing and loving Him!




Ready to take the plunge!

Ready to take the plunge!


3 thoughts on “Child-Like Faith

  1. For the record, “SuperMom” was a bit of a wreck sometimes while “SuperHubby” was away. I rather like having him around.

  2. That’s okay even the mother of Jesus was a wreck sometimes. Personally I think that is a big part of being a “SuperMom” in the first place. It’s when you don’t know you are a wreck that it becomes a problem. If you ever need a coffee brought over or a break or whatever when the other half is gone, let me know. I’d love to pop by with a quick cold or hot coffee or tea.

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