This Sunday is the official “first Sunday” of our church shopping expedition.  This is the first time since I was 19 years old that I/we have gone looking for a church to attend; all other churches I have been a part of I have been hired.  This should be a unique experience.  

Some have asked, “why not stay at BPPC?”  We truly love the people at BPPC, but it is usually not a good move to have an outgoing pastor stay at the church when he moves out of the pastorate there.  For Eric’s sake, he needs room to make it his own; to build the team he will work well with; to make the changes he needs/wants to make and not feel the pressure to make it like Brian, Miki, Doug, Bill or Tom had it! Blessings on Eric and Miki as they move this group forward!

Our plan is to take the next several weeks of the summer to visit 4-5 churches just once each, then in the early fall (and after the regular church stuff is back up and running) we will narrow the field to 2-3 churches which we will visit a few times each.  We look forward to the blessings we will receive in seeing many churches this summer and we look forward to plugging into a body again too!  Your prayers are appreciated!




One thought on “Shopping…

  1. May God bless you and keep you as you figure out this major next step in your lives. Hope you have an angle of some sort already on it. Cause it is not easy to find a new fellowship. There seem to be a lot of social clubs out there. Finding His Spirit and His truth in the same place is a little mroe difficult. Blessings on your next step in the process.

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